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It’s a TNT – Time-Numbers-Technology – Driven & Distracted Brave New World, when “Everything Happens NOW.” While some see a half-full glass of unprecedented access and data…ot

Dealing with Workplace MA andDD-ness (Media Addiction and Digital Distraction:) Act Before it Consumes Your Organization


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About The Event


It’s a TNT – Time-Numbers-Technology – Driven & Distracted Brave New World, when “Everything Happens NOW. While some see a half-full glass of unprecedented access and data…others perceive rampant “Infomania” — continuous stress and distraction caused by the combination of message overload, incessant interruptions, and “Time Urgency Syndrome.” Through his Fun-Interactive-Thought-provoking (Get FIT) program, let the Stress Doc help you transform the MA&DD-ness:

Gain tools for 1) assessing individual/digital distractions in the workplace and 2) designing self-monitoring and team building activities for work and strategies for a stress resilient work environment.

Attention spans are shrinking and self-absorbed instant gratification and self-centered entitlement is growing; increasingly, people expect you, 24/7, to immediately reply to their “high priority” texts and emails. It may be time to ask: Is your digital world spinning out of control? Are you ready to Practice Safe Stress?Is it time for you and your organization to address and redress the ever-growing technology distractions in the workplace?


This topic is for all levels of employees and management. Going MA&DD not only distracts the individual and others, but disrupts a capacity for attention; learning is compromised. Clearly, distraction impacts others. Seen as rude, it heightens the potential for interpersonal conflict.

Also, the impersonal or anonymous nature of texts and emails, often means messaging has a more critical, judgmental, or aggressive substance and tone. It’s time to get this potential technology distractions in the workplace under control.


  • Rapidly recognize signs of “Infomania,” “junk-food information diet”/empty Internet calories, battlefield burnout, and MA&DD Addiction
  • Understand how social media addiction in the workplace encourages more impatient and aggressive interaction
  • Recognize parallels between MA&DD and other common addictions: eating, drinking, smoking, gambling, drugging, etc; recognize the dopamine-induced cyclical dangers of rapid responding-revved up reward cues while dismissing the future for the immediate-impulsive NOW
  • Learn how to grieve and gradually “let go” of bad habits, compulsions, and social media addiction in the workplace; gain face-to-face problem-solving skills and courage; learn to “keep the best and toss the rest”
  • Create a safe climate for enabling management and employees to problem-solve ways of bridging “High Tech—Human Touch” in the workplace
  • Develop stress-reducing and team building activities for work, and strategies for reducing and preventing isolation and tech-compulsion; learn to redesign a stress resilient work environment
  • Grasp the Stress Doc’s Natural SPEED Formula for stress resiliency, brain agility, and emotional integrity


In today’s always on Smart Phone world, who isn’t going somewhat MA&DD: caught up if not addicted to Media Addiction & Digital Distraction? It’s vital to understand the extent of the problem, especially for task communication and coordination.

Let the Stress Doc provide tips and strategies for taming this performance- and relationship-distracting and disruptive demon. Learn techniques for dealing with digital distraction and improving focus and efficiency at work.


  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Leaders
  • Trainers
  • Educators
  • Marketers
  • Clergy

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