Book Online Tickets for DE-FEARING IMMERSIVE : SIMPLIFY YOUR FEA, Mumbai.  DE-FEARING : SIMPLIFY YOUR FEAR, STEP AHEAD AND LIVE PROGRESSIVE LIFE.  BREAK THIS BARRIER OF INACTION.This is One Day Three Hour Intensive Event on Simplifying Your Fear. Who are the right audience?Professionals, And Individuals



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About The Event



This is One Day Three Hour Intensive Event on Simplifying Your Fear. 

Who are the right audience?

Professionals, And Individuals who want to move ahead but stuck due to some known or unknown fear. 

Or People who are simply facing some known or unknown cause of Inaction. 

Or CEO to entry level corporate employees, Students, Parents.

Or Any Individual who is currently struggling to step ahead. 

Or Any curious individuals who want to learn what we are offering. 

Or Anyone who believe in practice based approach towards progressive life. 

Who are not the right audience?

Debaters, and Doubters are strictly not allowed. As they will cause disturbance to sincere people who came to experience the session with HOPE. 

What will you learn?

Psychology and Energy of Fear: 
Fear is a form of energy inside our subtle mind. Either in the form of thoughts or emotions or illusions or in some other possible forms. And they appear outside in some form of behaviour or simply inaction. And it is subjective. Its has many forms. Even if you think you don’t have any fear you have it your brain is designed to have fear. 

Fear becomes a big problem if it becomes the cause of Inaction for your most important goals.

A Simple Powerful Decision Making Technique in between Fear and Inaction which you can apply to any part of your life. 

Simple and Powerful Fear based psychological practices.

How to use Fear to your advantage.

Simple Yogic techniques to loosen the density of fear. 
Here you will learn less known ancient yogic knowledge and techniques to less or lose the fear. They are based on Chakras, Mudras and specific Yogic postures which creates positive effects in your brain hormone changes. They will improve your fear and fright response mechanism. It's more on practical approach. You do the practices and experience the changes. 

What not to Expect From the Event:

Any Magic Pills or One Night Solutions.
Group Dance or DJ Environments or Team Games that happens in many typical seminars.
Any Kind of Comfort and Luxury. 
Lots of Talks. 
Arguments and Debates.
Instant Motivation Pill. 

What to Expect From the Event:

Good Simple and powerful tools And techniques to practice. 
Simple Map of Your own Most important Goal and Fear. 
Live Exercises with your own involvements on your most important Goals and Fear. ( Which you will do privately.)
Some kind of discomfort and pain. ( YES )
Friendly relationship and meaningful conversations. 
Most of the time you will involved in a meaningful activities. 
Possible Instant Gratifications and Eyes openings. 

Bonus :
2 Hour Free Explorative Life Coaching Session Worth 10,000 INR ( One from Khyati and One from Mars)
Surprise Gift Worth 300 INR.

What to bring ( to utilize the events as much as you can )

It's better if you can bring your own water bottle. However not necessary.
It’s better if you can bring your own blank white paper ( no line) notebook and a pen. However not necessary.
An open mind; ready to experience the simple sessions as it is. 
Your Goals, Problems, and FEARS. 

What not to bring:

Doubts, Debates, and a close mind. 
Unnecessary professional attitude and show-off. 

What not to do in the event :

Phone calls, social media, and whatsapp. ( Unless urgent )

Event location might change based on number of attendees and availabilities. 

Join us and Experience. You are invited. 

Event Fee:
2000 INR per person.

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