DataStax Public Training: Apache Cassandra - Building Scalable Java Applications
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DataStax Public Training: Apache Cassandra - Building Scalable Java Applications


About The Event


This course provides a technical introduction to all the conceptual and practical aspects needed to use Apache Cassandra for building scalable Java applications. It also provides several best practices that are a result of the extensive application of Cassandra in production


3 days


Participants should have experience of programming in Java and be comfortable using Linux command line tools to successfully complete the learning exercises.


Developers/Designers/Architects who want to build Java applications that persist and query data in Cassandra


Virtual Machine pre-configured with Apache Cassandra 2.0, related tools, and exercise files.


Participants need to carry laptops with dual quad core 64 bit processor, 8GB RAM and preferably with 64 bit OS. If using a 32 bit OS on a 64 bit processor, processor must support Virtualization and it needs to be enabled in BIOS. Ensure you have the Admin rights for that.

Laptops must permit copying of files from a USB flash drive or a DVD drive provided by DataStax.

For Windows & Linux: VMWare Player is required. If not already installed, setup files will be provided.

For Mac: VMWare Fusion to be purchased and installed by the participants.

No other virtualization software is supported.



Aravind Nallan, DataStax authorised global Cassandra Trainer



Phone: +919948870007 | +919542871872


Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Apache Cassandra
  • Acquiring and Installing Cassandra
  • Configuring and Installation Structure
  • Basic Cassandra Architecture
  • The Cassandra Data Model
  • Compound Primary Keys
  • Composite Partition Keys
  • Indexes and Secondary Indexes
  • Guidelines for Querying
  • Understand and Use Counters
  • Understand and use collections
  • Data Consistency in Cassandra
  • Lightweight Transactions
  • Static Columns
  • Repair Mechanisms
  • Write Failures
  • Key and Row Caches
  • Multi-Data Center Support
  • Deletes
  • Introduction to DataStax Java Driver
  • QueryBuilder and Dynamic Queries
  • Asynchronous Querying
  • Driver Policies

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