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Data Visualization Workshop


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About The Event

"Without Data you're just another person with an opinion"

With more and more data that we generate, it becomes challenging to depict huge amounts of data and draw inferences from it. Data Visualization allows us visual access in easily understandable graphs and visuals. Well-designed visuals are usually the simplest and yet, the most powerful.

High Level Description
In this interactive workshop, we start with why the need for data visualization. We look at some of the do’s and don’ts of visualization 
What is a good chart? 
What message am I trying to convey?
Who is my audience? 
These are illustrated through multiple examples.
We explore presenting charts vs. circulating charts and why they need different approaches. 
We look at visual grammar – the neuroscience behind how we see; what we perceive well vs. what we can’t. Essentially, how do we use charts in presentations to enrich the message rather than obscuring it.
We then look at what chart to use where? E.g. do we use a bar chart or a pie chart or a column chart? How about a variant such as a sliding or paired bar chart? 
We then study some less-used but highly powerful ones such as
waterfall and bubble charts. We explore how to create simple 2x2
representations and its benefits.

Learning Outcome
Participants at the end of the training program will be able to:
- Better understand the need for data visualization
- Know the do’s and don’ts of data visualization
- Learn Visual Grammar
- Decide what chart to use where
- Create 2x2 representations

Learning Methodology
The workshop provides experiential learning through effective use of storytelling, role plays, videos etc. to make them high on impact & learn while having fun. Alongwith high impact, they are also high on energy which appeals to the emotions, inspires and transforms.

About Inroads
Inroads equips organizations to achieve great performance and meaningful growth on critical leadership skills, supported by high-energy workshops, coaching and consulting.

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