Data Science with R @ BUILD EXPERTISE

Data Science with R @ BUILD EXPERTISE


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About The Event

Build Expertise is a Global leader in training,development,and consulting services that helps participants learn new technology and keep themselves updated with the new developments. Build Expertise is formed by and of certified professionals with more than decade of industry experience.

Detailed Course Structure

1. Introduction to Data Analytics

a. What is Data Science?

b. Tools and Techniques in Data Science

2. Data Analytics using Excel

a. Introduction to Excel

b. Advanced Excel

3. Statistics for Data Analysts

a. Basic Statistics

b. Understanding Distributions

c. Hypothesis testing

4. Data Analytics using R

a. Introduction to R

b. Exploratory Data Analysis

c. Data Manipulation

5. Data Visualisation using R

a. Concepts in Data Visualization: Historical Graphs, Tufte, Few, Maeda, Grammar of Graphics

b. Basic and Advanced Plots. GGPLOT Interactive Plots: Multiple Graphs, Title, Axes, Labels, Color Palletes, vcd, Tableplot, Googlecharts, Shiny, Rcharts, D3.js

6. Machine Learning using R

a. Covariance and Correlation

b. Regression Analysis

c. Multicollinearity and Hetroscedasticity in Model

d. Outliers and VIF

e. Logistic Regression Modelling

f. Understanding the ROC Curve

g. Understanding the Confusion Matrix

h. KMeans Clustering

i. Decision Trees

j. Association Analysis

k. Types of Problems and Tasks

l. What is Machine Learning?

7. Advanced Data Analytics techniques using R

a. Time Series Analysis

b. Text Mining

c. Sentiment Analysis


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