Dastkari Haat Samiti - 25th Annual Craft Bazaar At Dilli Haat

Dastkari Haat Samiti - 25th Annual Craft Bazaar At Dilli Haat


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The Dastkari Haat Samiti's major annual crafts bazaar at Dilli Haat conceived by its President and craft expert Jaya Jaitly, opp INA Market, New Delhi, will have a special sparkle as it celebrates this completion of 25 years of dedicated work to uplift crafts and crafts people. Fascinating workshops demonstrating and teaching new skills, handlooms from different areas, lively folk performances all day, film shows on crafts, and over 150 innovative crafts and newly discovered crafts people. A show not to be missed, if you truly want to enter the creative soul of India's hand skills and feel the buzz of hidden rural talents.

Dastkari Haat Samiti, spearheaded by Social Activist and Craft Expert Jaya Jaitly and over 190 craftspeople from the Villages, towns and cities of India, bring exciting craft talent and traditions in a never-seen-before Avatar. 190 craftspeople won't merely exhibit their wares for sale, but visitors will be able to interact, learn, appreciate and expose themselves to India's traditional crafts on the threshold of change.

Highlights of this year
* Ringal bamboo, Aipan painting, Looms from Uttarakhand
* Camel belt weaving demo and teaching from Ahmedabad
* New embroideries from Bihar
* Fine hand ari work from Gujarat
* Gabba, old floor covering craft of Kashmir
* Crafts Workshops & magic shows for kids

The Samiti's artisan-members are stars in their own right. An eclectic mix of national-awardees and artisans-in-training, theirs are engaging stories. Because of the exposure provided by the Samiti, some artisan-members are even given opportunities to travel across the globe - collaborating with artisans in other developing nations, creating products that are utility-based and market-friendly.

Dastkari Haat Samiti and Dilli Haat were founded by Ms Jaya Jaitly, a renowned social and political activist who has dedicated four decades of her life and career to crafts - innovating newer ways to sustain craft and its people. She has, along with the Samiti, constantly challenged markets giving craftspeople the dignity they truly deserve as producers and conservationists of India's rich heritage.

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