Cutchi Dastarkhwan : A Muslim dining experience.

Cutchi Dastarkhwan : A Muslim dining experience.


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About The Event

A Dastarkhwan is the term used to denote the traditional eating area where food is had. It may in a broad sense include the tablecloth on which the food is laid out on. The Dastarkhwan may be spread on the table, floor or even on a ground space in an open field. The origins of this go back to Central Asian and Middle East. The food on a Dastarkhwan may be as simple as tea and bread slices to a very elaborate one that can go into 8-10 courses comprising of a welcome drink, starters, main course, desserts, etc. Some of the delicacies on the Dastarkhawan are only available to relish in traditional Muslim homes and not available in restaurants. Join us as we provide you a sneak preview into the traditional food fit for a Sultan.

We intend to offer our valued guests Muslim cuisine from all parts of India like Awadhi, Mughlai, Kutchi, Bengali, Hyderabadi, Bengaluri, Bhatkali etc on our Dastarkhwan; dining experiences. For this Dastarkhwan, we are focusing solely on Cutchi Memon Cuisine which happens to be the food of the Cutchi Memon community from the Western parts of India.

This is not a food walk, it's a dining experience & the cost includes unlimited non-vegetarian dishes, non-alcoholic beverages and a few takeaways too. 

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