Dashavatara Homam

Dashavatara Homam


  • Dashavatar Homam

    Gauna Jaya Ekadasi Special Ritulas helps to acquire wealth and to build family unity.

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About The Event

Gauna Jaya Ekadasi

Gauna Jaya Ekadasi is an important day that is observed on the 11th day during the bright fortnight of moon in the month of January to February and this year it falls on January 28th.  Gauna Jaya Ekadasi is popularly known as ‘Bhaimi Ekadasi’. Lord Krishna himself said to King Yudhishtira is that one who observes a fast on this day will find place in Vaikunth- a heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu. Observing the Gauna Jaya Ekadasi help us to attain more wealth to live a pleasant life and for improving & strengthening relationships in your family.

Dashavatar Homam

Gain The Power of Wealth Acquiring Energies From Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu

Scheduled Live on January 28, 2018 @ 6 AM IST | Gauna Jaya Ekadasi

Vedicfolks is performing the Grand Dasavatharam Homam on 28th January, 2018(Gauna Jaya Ekadasi) for the benefit of all devotees. 

Dashavatar Homam and Its Significance

  • Mathsya Homam - Improve Health And Wealth
  • Kurma Homam - Expect Success And Stability
  • Varaha Homam - Lead a Trouble Free Life
  • Narasimha Avatar Homam - Remove Bad Karma and Evil Spirits
  • Vamana Homam - Remove Complexities in Life
  • Parasurama Homam - Eliminates fear and enemies
  • Sri Rama Homam - Removes Negativities And Doshas
  • Balarama Homam - Achieve All Objectives
  • Krishna Homam - Success in Career
  • Kalki Homam - No More Pain And Troubles

Other Rituals On Gauna Jaya Ekadasi Along With Dashavatar Homam

  • Vishnu Sahasranamam Parayanam & Archana
  • Vishvaksena Homam - Protects from Obstacles and Evil

Vishnu Sahasranamam Parayanam & Archana

The word ‘sahasra’ signifies a thousand and ‘nama’ signifies name. Chanting of the one thousand names of Lord Vishnu is so auspicious that it provides both material and spiritual benefits. It activates the Sahasrara Chakra, blesses with good fortune, and helps to achieve goals in life, professionally and personally. It removes obstacles and problems, aspires the devotee to be successful.

Vishvaksena Homam

The Vishvakesena Homam is performed by chanting Vedic mantras and His powers are invoked for the smooth functioning of the ritual. He also is the commander-in-chief of Lord Vishnu’s army and protects the functioning of rituals from obstacles and evil.

Benefits Of Performing Gauna Jaya Ekadasi Special Rituals

  • All past and present life Karma can be vanquished
  • Removes obstacles and protects from evils
  • Eliminate deterrents and ensure progress in all stages of life
  • Get relief from health problems
  • Protect yourself from malefic effects of planets
  • Quashes all types of reprimand and disappointments
  • Alleviate doshas and negativity from life
  • Rahu-ketu dosha can be eliminated
  • For success in career, education and business
  • Get relief from all problems in life


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