Dashavatar Homam

Dashavatar Homam


  • Dashavatar Homam

    Dashavatar Homam is performed to invoke the powers of ten forms of Lord Vishnu. Dasavathara Homam removes planetary doshas, subdues enemies and provides Moksha.

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About The Event

Dashavatar Homam

Get Wealth Multifold And Protection From 10 Forms of Lord Vishnu

Scheduled Live on 9th June 2017 @ 6 AM IST

Dasavataram refers to the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. The ten forms are Mathsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parasurama, Rama, Balarama, Krishna and Kalki.

MATHSYA HOMAM - Improve Health And Wealth

To get salvation for all past Karma and invoke blessings of Lord Vishnuperforming the mathsyayagna is very useful. Also get rid of all negative forces and improve the status of wealth, health and success in life.

KURMA HOMAM - Expect Success And Stability 

Praying Lord Vishnu as Kurma provides strength and stability and Lord Kurma protects the individual from all sorts of troubles, be it long term miseries and menace of bad karma. It also helps get rid of malefic effects of Saturn.

VARAHA HOMAM - Lead a Trouble Free Life

By performing the homam, one can lead a trouble free life by eliminating all negative elements in life. It helps to establish peace and upkeep righteousness and keep negativities at bay. It is also possible to remove karmic issues and doshas with this homam.

NARASIMHA HOMAM - Achieve Goals & Fortunes

This yagya paves the way for leading a risk free life and reducing potential threats and dangers. One can recover from financial entangles by performing this yagya. Even problems related to health can be solved in a very effective way.

VAMANA HOMAM - Remove Complexities in Life

This yagya can be performed if one wants to get relief from bad karmas of ancestors. For those having problems with Jupiter influence can choose this homam for immediate relief. Achieve success and happiness forever and get relief from all karmic issues as this yagya ensures maximum results.

PARASURAMA HOMAM – Eliminates fear and enemies

This homam gives vitality and power to an individual for overcoming all adversities in life. It helps to receive the Guru’s blessings and eliminates fear and enemies from your life.

RAMA HOMAM - Removes Negativities And Doshas

The homam removes negativities and doshas in the horoscope. It reduces the effects of negative Karma and ensures strength, vitality and power. It improves self respect and blessings of Lord Rama, this homam can be performed.

BALARAMA HOMAM - Achieve All Objectives

The homam eradicates negativities an dprotects people from neill powers. It shows us how to get the blessings of Lord Vishnuso that one can stay safe from potential threats and evil.  Balarama represents triumph, strength and learning.

KRISHNA HOMAM - Success in Career 

Krishna Homam gives enormous relief to those going through the dasa bhukthi period in their horoscope. The homa empowers one physically, psychologically and spiritually.  It also reduces sins, karmic issues and doshas.

KALKI HOMAM - No More Pain And Troubles

Lord Kalki is the lord of the universe and is said to appear on a white horse with a sword that shines like a lightening and continue to crush evil and safeguard the world from disorders and protect the people from evil forces.


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