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Excel HR presents
Dare Something Worthy
( A two day NLP metaprograms based group coaching program on 23.08.2014 & 24.08.2014 )
by G.Ramasubramanian, Certified Corporate trainer, Master NLP practitioner, Certified Life Coach and Psychot

Dare Something Worthy - Two day NLP workshop


  • Dare Something Worthy - Two day NLP workshop

    Dare Something Worthy - Two day NLP workshop

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About The Event


Excel HR presents

Dare Something Worthy

( A two day NLP metaprograms based group coaching program on 23.08.2014 & 24.08.2014 )

by G.Ramasubramanian, Certified Corporate trainer, Master NLP practitioner, Certified Life Coach and Psychotherapist


NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) is a coaching / training methodology, which is very effective in creating  and sustaining transformations. NLP can add extraordinary richness to one's life, in terms of awareness, communication, focus and strategy.

This “ Dare Something Worthy “  is a  NLP based  group coaching program. It is directive in nature, helping the participants to dig deep within themselves and become aware of the barriers that hold them back. It also shall bring into light, those specific behavior patterns within the individual that creates stress and ineffectiveness.

This program covers  the most important practical aspects  of  NLP and gives a rich experience of what NLP is and how it could be useful to an individual. With a coaching back drop the program gives ample space and time for the participants to interact, discuss, participate in the activities and involve in de briefing to relate and own the experience of NLP.

Participants would be very much encouraged to share their  perspectives about what is happening in the course, which results in learning all around.

Objective :

Human behavior is mostly conditioned. This conditioning is a learned  process and is mostly unconscious in nature. While these processes have been useful to us many times in the past ( and that is why we have learned them so successfully ), currently they might be hindering us, making us work hard with decreasing results and creating stress and burn out in the process.

NLP calls these powerful  processes as Meta Programs. These Meta Programs are mental processes  which manage, guide and direct other smaller mental processes.( That is why they are called as Meta meaning beyond ) . For example a simple decision like choosing between two differently colored dresses could be based on which one you like, or which one you hate, which one your spouse likes, or which one your spouse hates, where you intend to use that dress, is it of a similar color you already have, is it common or is it unique and of course it’s price and value.

More complex life decisions, like choosing a profession, partner, Interpersonal skills, behavior styles, problem solving approaches , goal setting and execution etc. involve  many of these meta programs at very deep and complex levels. While we remember not taking an action is also a decision, we need to understand that decisions create the road maps of our lives.

Our decision making process and the resulting behaviors are so fully filled with minor processes that we would mostly be unaware of the major meta programs that create and sustain them. Hence it becomes important to understand these meta programs that drive us.

Understanding these  primary programs that lead to make a decision in terms of taking a leap or not becomes important. So that we can start creating changes within ourselves and start taking action to lead more rich, exciting and at the same time fulfilled lives.

This program will in depth will help the participant to look into their decision making processes which results in their current reality of life and dare to move towards what they really want in life.

Methodology :

This program will be highly directive in nature, as the facilitator assumes the role of the coach who guides the thinking processes of the participants assertively. This will primarily be a conversation based guiding process, in which the participants are required to get involved through sharing of their perceptions.

Some required activities and powerful tools shall be presented by the coach as per the needs of the participants. The entire program will revolve around a simple but highly flexible structure and shall evolve based on the dynamics of interaction. The participants need to be open to feed backs for review and possible internalization.


The Push of the Program would be :

-To bring in lots of self-awareness and insights about one’s own decision making process, behavior and strategies

-To discuss, deliberate and evolve more fruitful ways of thinking, strategies and behavior which could get us what we want

-To integrate new perspectives  which could make our thinking processes rich and experiences novel

-To commit ourselves to the new ways with internal motivation and internal reference


Distinct advantages :

-          Since the group is limited to around  10 participants, more time for discussions and deliberation

-          Interactions with the coach and other participants are more  focused and deep

-          Possibility to model success strategies from the members of the group

-          Time and space for reflections and  internalization of new insights.

-          Possibility of feed backs which could be valuable for personal development


A “ A NLP Awareness Certification “ would be given to the participants on successful completion of the training program

Program details :

Name of the program : Dare something worthy

Dates :  August 23rd and 24th 2014 ( Saturday and Sunday )

Venue : Life Academy,  No. 36, Aziz Mulk First Street, Thousand Lights, Chennai – 600006

Timings : 09.30 am to 05.30 pm

Investment : Rs.3000/- (Rupees Three thousand  only ), for two days, inclusive of  vegetarian lunch, tea and snacks)

Registration: On prior payment. As this is a Coaching based program seats are strictly limited.

Payments :  Cheques to be made in the name of " Excel HR ' and sent to G.Ramasubrmanian, New no: 13, Old no:5,First floor, Devanathan Street, Mandaveli, Chennai – 600028

Contact details : 9444128486 / 9444541397 /


Feed backs about the earlier programs:

 “ The program made a difference in my life”

“ I started knowing what I did not know : Particularly about the big chunk and it’s effectiveness “

“ I really enjoyed the deep transcendental state through the techniques”

“The program was really super : Just observed myself and learned a lot : Looking for your next program “

“ A mind blowing, eye opening ( probably the third eye ), self-realizing amazing work shop “

“ It was as though I was looking at me and operating upon me “

“ Highly informative program, with nice methodologies and  a  positive attitude : A new dimension given to life “


Profile of the Coach

G.Ramasubramanian is a trainer by choice and trains with  Passion. With a decade of Corporate training experience he is one of the most sought after trainers in Chennai. He is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, from NFNLP, Florida, USA. He is an Engineering and M.B.A Degree Holder and has also done his Msc in Counseling and Psychotherapy.

He is a Certified trainer by ISTD ( Indian Society of Training and Development ). He is also a Certified Life Coach by CCA ( Certified Coaches Alliance, USA )

Twenty years of Industrial and Corporate executive experience makes him a seasoned trainer with deep insights and impact. His curiosity and love for understanding the dynamics of the Human mind leads him to continuous learning and sharing.

His training programs are an enjoyable blend of intensity, interaction, fun and engagement and relate to day to day problems and solutions. His activity oriented teaching and entertaining style makes him a favorite. He specializes in NLP based learning programs, with emphasis on Self Awareness, Freedom to Choose, Effective Communications and Definiteness of Purpose.

Being a sincere student of Wisdom practices like Vedantha,  Yoga and Zen, gives him the USP of handling  the entire gamut of Soft skills with unique perspectives from NLP, Yoga, Vedantha,  Zen and other Wisdom practices of the World.

He is also a story and script writer. He has been interviewed and featured in leading magazines and television channels. He has written four books, three on topics of Emotional Intelligence,Goal setting and NLP. The fourth book is a work of fiction, which is a compilation of his stories that had appeared in leading Magazines. He is also a Haiku writer and conducts Haiku Workshops.

Come let us talk about our lives and dare to do something worthy



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