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Kingfisher Ultra Soul Flyp, LUCID & Ace - Accentuating Events in Association with Vh1 India presents DANGER 'In The Dark' at UNDERGROUND Koregaon Plaza Mall,Pune. 

UNDERGROUND VENUE Concept by : My Club 
Promotional Partners: DIVE | EDM4Pune | Bangin Beats | Festival Sherpa 

‘In The Dark’ is a concept that enthralls exactly what the words pertain to, an experience entirely in the dark, featuring only custom made Visuals and small Periods of White light seamlessly synced to the mood of the music that will encompass YOU throughout the night. It is a concept where in which the experience lies purely between The artist, the Music and YOU; who can face your fears and freely express yourselves as the darkness takes over and blinds you from your surroundings. 

Franck Rivoire, the man behind the DANGER phenomenon, with only three releases, became a key figure in the French Electro scene. Since 2007, Franck Rivoire embodies and plays under the mask of his alias, DANGER. He has played all over the world always in front of frenzy supporters. Born in Lyon and aged 26, DANGER is definitely the best hope in electronic music. LIVE, Danger is a war machine deploying a stunning and epic new show where music, beats and visual effects are mixed for creating a unique atmosphere. Strongly influenced by video games as a teenager, he creates a full-fledged universe in which dynamism, surprising structures and sought textures interact and complement each other between his artwork and his music. DANGER is more than music, he is spokesman of a passionate geek culture, he has what makes an artist. His attire serves as his Alias, where in which his true identity remains a mystery only but revealing a set of glowing eyes that pierces the audience and captures your Imagination.

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