Dance-Theatre Production From Katyayani At IHC

Dance-Theatre Production From Katyayani At IHC


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A dance-theatre production from Katyayani. Concept: Sohaila Kapur. Performed by Gilles Chuyen & Shilpika Bordoloi as a symbol defines infinite possibilities. It can be Shunya, or the great Nothingness from which life emerges; it also represents Orgasm, the Feminine Principle, an Egg, the Limitless Universe, the Divine Absolute. It is similarly, the story of two women who went through those infinite possibilities, to choose a life that incorporated struggle, bending the rules in the bargain. Revered in the end by the very men who subjugated them. The extraordinary saint-poets -- Rabia the Sufi from Iraq and Karaikkal Ammayar, the Shaivite from Tamil Nadu-- opposites in nature, who battled similar obstacles to attain their spiritual goals.

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Tickets at Rs.350, Rs.250 & Rs.100/-

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