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About The Event


A step into the contemporary world 

Date  for one day session: 11th February 2017. timing - saturday 5:30-8:30pm  .

Venue for one day session : Zorba the Bhuddha

COntact - 8010788428

About the project  


The project is all about connecting dancers in india in an environment where they can showcase their skills, share their knowledge and uniqueness as a Dancer/Artist which will help them discover their own bodies and help find new pathways.

This Dance Intensive is for all those dancers who are prepared to push themselves to the next level. This program will cover a wide range of master classes in, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, ballet , Improvisation and Others. The program will be mainly focused on the knowledge of improvisation and how a Dancer can use the tools of improvisation and incorporate it while developing their own work.

And also one of our main focus is to grow the contemporary dance culture in India and to showcase the vast creativity that this dance form brings with it.

Having dancers and artists from different backgrounds come together in a close space and observe each other's movement will help inspire and broaden one's body of work.

We are inviting dancers from all ages and all backgrounds to this session, where they can explore free movement, and begin to identify their natural movement patterns and become more comfortable moving in unusual ways—and maybe even come up with ideas for choreography.

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