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About The Event

Cynotype is the first ever photo chemical process that was invented in 1843. Cyno means blue. Hence, the chemical used for the process only produces blue and white prints and can be developed on watercolour paper, fabric, glass and wood. It can also be done on chemically infused paper and can be toned with coffee, tea, green tea and wine that result in lending the pictures beautiful dark blue, brown, yellow and purple tints.

This is a slightly easier version of the regular dark room method of photo processing.


The workshop will be conducted by an Artist Pooja Harish and will pan for 2 days where you will get to learn the following things :


Day 1 :
Introduction to Cynotype
Demonstration of mixing of chemicals
Application on different materials
Chemical drying


Day 2 :
Exposing chemicals with negatives in sunlight
Toning in different mediums (Coffee, Tea, etc)
Washing and drying the materials.


All the chemicals and additional materials required for the workshop will be provided to you. But the ones that you are required to get along to the workshp are listed below :
1. An apron
2. A mask to cover your nose
3. Dirty clothes
4. A bandana to cover your head

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