Cyber Security on (IOT)  Brain Hacking

Cyber Security on (IOT) Brain Hacking


  • Cyber Security on IOT and Brain Hacking Workshop

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About The Event

Have you ever thought of building up a security design, to protect your system from any malicious attacks? The workshop on 'Ethical Hacking' helps you to check the system for vulnerabilities, so that it is not exploited by any malicious attacker. Ethical Hacking is of emerging trend, where sensitive and classified data have to be prevented from malicious attacker.

A National level workshop on Ethical Hacking is organized at College of Engineering , Guindy on Cyber Security on IOT and Brain Hacking , The detailed concepts that would be handled with a Hands-on are:


  S No             Topic                                                               Details

1          Hacking vs Ethical Hacking                           Good , bad and the Ugly

2         What is Internet of Things?                             Where did it all start and evolve

3         Brief History of Cyber Security issues           From Ancient to the modern sophisticated attacks

4         Trojans, Viruses and Worms                          How attackers got and maintained access

5         Computer based Cyber Threats                     How are they done?

6          Web Based Cyber Threats                               How are they done?

7          Scada based Cyber Threats                          How are they done?

8          Next Gen Cyber Security Issues                       How are they done?

Human Hacking

1           Mind Reading                                     Guess ones ATM pin number

2           Mind Writing                                       Exploiting ones limited knowledge

3           Art of Misdirection                             Intentionally Shifting your attention

4            Reflexes                                             Natural Reflexes used for one’s advantage

5           Concentration                                     Exploiting focus 

Benefits for the Participants:

         * Each participant will be entitled with Authorized infySEC Certificate.

         * Goodies will be provided for the quiz winners which will be conducted in between the events.

         * Participants also will be given a life time access to our Live ethical Hacking Lab access, so access will be even available from home.


infYSEC, A globally recognized information Security Services Organization, that holds the GUINNESS record for the world’s largest hackathon, is set to conduct a workshop on Computer and Brain Hacking! he Internet of Things is a vision of the future but not for long. With more than 25 billion connections already, the future is fast becoming reality. To keep up with the change, we bring you a workshop dedicated to IoT and cyber security in the modern times. Along with that, get inducted into the basics and practicalities of Humanhacking. Understand the complexities of the human brain and learn what it takes to hack it too!



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