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About The Event

If you are marketing to everyone you are not marketing to anyone.

All startups need to acquire more customers to grow their business.

Startup entrepreneurs have two resources-time and money in reality, more of time and less of money You are struck and unable to grow the business. Right Marketing approach is a dilemma you are facing and you need a process to identify quickly potential customers and convert them to paying customers.

Tour provides the aspiring startup founder with an introduction to high-growth entrepreneurship and the skills to quit talking and start doing.

Whatever be your skills to contribute to an entrepreneurial team as long as you have a good attitude and drive to succeed. What is required is an interest in solving customer problems and an openness to doing, not just knowing. Founding a startup is not about executing a business plan. Its all about management under extreme uncertainty as you fight to gain deep customer knowledge.

Startups are temporary organizations that exist to search for a scalable and repeatable customer network.

Our goal is to create an entrepreneurial experience for you with all of the demands of the real world in your life as an early stage startup. This one-day tour is intensely experiential to develop the mindset and agility with resilience, an entrepreneur needs to search for certainty in a chaotic world.

You will receive intensive experiential learning from experienced start-up and subject matter experts, as you apply best practices for launching new, innovative ventures. Bootstrapping your Startup Big Idea through Customer Discovery picks up from here.

  1. Develop confidence on your business idea
  2. Deconstruct and reconstruct the business plan if
  3. Improve your own productivityLearn how to build a customer base model that can be directly applied to business

  4. Develop your own investment strategy and pitch deck
  5. Learn live from expert panel of entrepreneurs.
  6. Brainstorm with the co participants who are in the same verge and many more.
  7. Real life case study with examples.

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