Cultural Charcha with Nazariya at Anti-Social

Cultural Charcha with Nazariya at Anti-Social


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About The Event


A panel discussion on what is the meaning and connotation of culture today and how are age old traditions in India becoming extinct.


Dr. Gautam Chatterjee,Controller- Media Center at IGNCA and Advisor at Nazariya : You can know more about him (
He will be talking about Cultures in India on a wider scale. He will explain what is the connotation of the word "Culture" in India. What are the various differences and uniquenesses of multiple cultures and how India has a legacy of living in a peaceful chaos and amalgamation of all the cultures. 

Raghvi Khurana, Co-Founder, Nazariya: Know more about her (
She will specifically be focusing on dying traditions and cultures of India. The current state of these traditions and the how it came to this stage. She will discuss the possibilities of what can or can not be done to preserve and revive such traditions and cultures. 

Shankar Lal Bhopa, Phad Painting Artisan: Know more about him ( ( (
He is a legacy artisan from Rajasthan. now living in Delhi of Phad Painting. Phad Painting is a dying artform/ tradition. He will talk about his journey from Rajasthan to Delhi. The Story of is fathers and forefathers and current state of this tradition in India.

The panel discussion will start with Dr. Gautam Chatterjee talking about Cultures and Traditions as concepts. their connotation and then an overall discussion of what is happening in India. He will then share his knowledge on Dying Traditions and Oral Traditions of India. Then, Raghvi will talk about the dying traditions and their current sate in the country. The need to preserve and revive them. Thereafter, Shankar Lal Bhopa will tell his story, and using that as an example the final remarks will be on "What is Culture/Tradition today and does it need to be preserved?"


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