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3rd Corporate Tennisball Cricket League


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About The Event

Inviting the Corporate Executives of Hyderabad to take part in the 3rd edition of the Inter Corporate Tennisball Cricket Tournament - "Corporate Tennisball Cricket League" which will begin on 7th June 2014.


Details of the Tournament:


  • 10 Over's a side
  • 11 Players + 4 Substitutes
  • League cum Knockout Format
  • No LBW. Many other exciting rules
  • MATCHES only on WEEK-ENDS & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS without disturbing your work schedule
  • Trophies to the Winner & Runner-up Teams
  • Individual Awards - Man of the Match, Best Bowler, Best Batsman, Player of the Tournament etc.
  • Refreshments served to the participants.

Limited Teams only enrolled on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.

Terms & Conditions

1. The Team Captains are responsible for –

    1. Time Keeping
    2. Conduct of the team
    3. Acting on behalf of the team in case of any disputes

2. Each Team will comprise of 11 Players plus 4 Substitutes and consists of Ten 6 Ball Over’s bowled by each side

3. A group will comprise of 3 or 4 teams depending on the no. of entries and each team will play the other team once.

4. Teams shall be ready to take the field of play when called. Captains should be ready for the TOSS at least 10 minutes prior to their game. If a Team is absent at the time of the toss, the team that is present will be given a walk over.

5. The Each team gets 30 minutes to bowl their quota of 10 over’s.

6. Each Bowler is allowed to bowl a maximum of 3 Over’s

7. Bowling will be from one end only. The length of the pitch would be 20 yards stump to stump.

8. There is NO limitation on placement of the fielders as long as they do not cause obstruction to the batsman.

9. The wicket keeper can bowl, during the same innings, after one over is bowled between his keeping and bowling.

10. The wicketkeeper cannot be replaced with another player during the course of the match until he is injured.

11. Runs and Extras will be in accordance with the law of cricket except –

    1. A WIDE & a NO BALL will count as 2 Extra Runs. However, there will be no FREE HIT rule including the last over.  
    2. Runs scored from a NO BALL will be credited in addition to the 2 Extra Runs
    3. No extra ball for a Wide or No Ball except in the last over. However, at the discretion of the umpires, an extra ball might be allowed if a bowler bowls 3 Wides or No Balls in an over.
    4. In the LAST OVER, an extra ball has to be bowled in addition to the 2 Extra Runs
    5. If a ball bounces more than once before reaching the batsman or if it reaches the batsman above shoulder height without bouncing, it will be called a No Ball and the runs scored from the ball will be considered
    6. Byes, Leg byes, Over throws are the other means of scoring runs

12. A batsman cannot retire before reaching 30 runs, unless he is injured

13. If a player is injured during the progress of the match, a substitute player can be used for fielding. Umpires and opposition captain reserve the right to disallow substitute fielders for the late arriving playing members of the fielding side and also for the injured players. A substitute runner will be allowed only if both the umpires and opposition caption approves

14. No LBW. However, If a batsman intentionally blocks or kicks the ball away with the leg or foot, the Umpire can rule the batsman out

15. The team with the higher score wins. However, the match will be declared TIE, if both the team scores same number of Runs, irrespective of lost wickets or Run rate.

16. If a League match is interrupted or abandoned due to rain or any unforeseen happening, it will be treated as NO RESULT and both the playing teams will be awarded ONE point each and no re-match will be played.

17. In case of equal points in the league stage, the team which won the head-to-head match would proceed to the next stage.

18. In case of a knock out round match being washed out, 1 replay day will be allotted. In case the match is washed out again on the stipulated day, the result will be derived through Bowl Out system by awarding 5 Bowling attempts to each of the team

19. In case of a tie of score in the Semifinals & Finals, a Super Over will be played to decide the winner

20. Last man standing rule not applicable

21. A win would yield 4 points; a loss would mean 0 points & a Tie/No Result will fetch 2 points

22. One Bonus Point will be awarded to teams during league stages when –

    1. the opposition team is bowled out irrespective of the result of the match
    2. a team scores more than 100 runs in the match

23. The teams should carry the equipments like bats, practice balls, gloves (optional) etc. Red VICKY Hard Tennis Ballfor the match will be provided by the organizers.


25. The players should necessarily be a permanent employee of the company & they should carry their Photo Identity Cards which will be subjected to verification

26. If a team is found to have an outsider (non-employee), the team will be debarred from playing the tournament & entry fee will be forfeited

27. The players should wear their company T-Shirts or any common colored t-shirt with white or any common color pants/tracks. Red Color T-Shirts/Tracks are not allowed. No player will be allowed to play in shorts / Jeans. Playing bare foot or wearing chappals, sandals or official shoes will be disallowed.

28. MAN OF THE MATCH award will be decided and presented by the Committee at the end of each match.

29. There are other Awards to be won like Player of the tournament, Best Batsman, Best Bowler of the Tournament etc. Such awards will be presented along with the Cup at the end of the FINALS.

30. Snacks, Soft Drinks, Mineral Water will be provided by the organizers

31. The Organizers will not be responsible for any loss of life or injury to the players in the course of the match / tournament. However, the organizers would provide First Aid facility at the venue

32. In case of a possible dispute regarding a hit for 4/6 runs and /or a catch at the boundary, fielders are advised to stay put and help the umpire make the decision by holding their ground. Benefit of doubt shall always go to the batsman.

33. The organizers will not be liable for any loss or theft of their personal belongings & the teams should take utmost care of their belongings

34. Decision of the umpires will be final and binding. The teams should abide by the umpire’s decisions

35. In case of bad weather, delays or any other reason affecting the conduct of the tournament , the organizers reserves the right to decide the manner in which the tournament should be conducted

36. The teams are requested to maintain the Spirit of the Game with the other team mates and should abide with the Rules as stated

In matters of doubts which are not covered here, the decision of the Organizers would be final & binding on all concerned.

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