Scrum Alliance - Certified Scrummaster with two world class trainers.

Scrum Alliance - Certified Scrummaster with two world class trainers.


About The Event

About the course:

SolutionsIQ Certified Scrum Master (CSM) training gives you all the tools and information you need to effectively apply Agile & Scrum Project Management principles to your project or program.

Students will learn how to:

  • Maintain and use a burndown chart
  • Manage Product Backlogs
  • Plan Releases and Iterations (Sprints)
  • Conduct Sprint Planning, Daily Scrums, Sprint Reviews & Retrospective meetings
  • Track and Report progress
  • Effectively apply the principles of the Agile Manifesto

All SolutionsIQ Agile training courses are highly interactive. Students will participate in discussions, group-based exercises, and simulations.

Feedback from our recent India participants:

I enjoyed the two days and look forward to putting these skills to practice.

"Training material was well organized. The group projects and the synopsis of what just happened in those projects stimulated the thought process and helped me gain a better insight into the Scrum approach to things..."

Abhilash , CSM 

"The opportunity to observe a real Scrum team in action was the icing on the cake."

Why do leading enterprises choose SolutionsIQ?

•  SolutionsIQ is a company that has made a name from building cutting edge software, and our consulting practice grew organically out of our Agile Development capability.

•  Our Agile Coaches and Trainers continue to be agile practitioners as they are involved in coaching our own internal teams. In fact, our Agile Development center is like an internal laboratory where we test and improve what we do—we “eat our own dog food” as they say.

• Because Agile and Scrum are so much a part of the way SolutionsIQ operates, we have more Certified ScrumMasters and Certified Scrum Trainers than any other organization.

•  SolutionsIQ has an exceptional record of guiding companies to successfully transition to Agile. We work with many companies, both large Fortune 50 enterprises and small startups.

•  Our consultants are nationally recognized thought leaders in the Agile community. We have access to thought leaders like Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland (co-originators of Scrum), and Esther Derby, who have each recommended SolutionsIQ to clients.

•  Most Agile coaches and trainers in Agile consulting companies are no longer practitioners. These companies are purely consulting and training organizations—they don’t build software, and so they offer a principally academic approach.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We request you to kindly read this FAQ. If your question is still not answered please do get in touch with us.

Companies that have come to our programs:

TCS, Microsoft, SAP Labs, Syntel, Datamatics to name a few

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