Crystal Healing Workshop ! - Pune

Crystal Healing Workshop ! - Pune


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Crystal Healing.

The healing energies of crystals and gemstones have been utilized by humans since ancient times. Crystal Healing is a form of vibrational therapy and involves application of crystals or gemstones to facilitate healing. The healing properties of 

Crystals can be accessed by wearing, carrying, laying them on body or environment and through crystal waters or essences.
Crystals have also been used for meditation, spiritual growth and divination as they radiate a high pure vibrational frequency and are always tuned into divine energies.

Crystal Healing Workshop (1day); 
Beginner workshop introducing the participant to the healing properties of various crystals;

Workshop topics include:

 What are crystals and how they work.
 Seven crystal systems and how they affect the working of crystals.
 Tuning into crystal energies.
 How to scan chakras
 Chakra blockages and other issues
 How to clear the aura and chakras with crystals
 How to energize and balance your chakras and energy bodies
 How to clear your space with crystals
 How to cleanse your crystals
 How to recharge your crystals
 How to program your crystals to work for you
 Crystal meditation
 Crystal layouts on human body
 How to use your crystal wands to clear and energize yourself and others
 Wearing crystals

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