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Hello Everyone!
This is Kantha Rao from Telangana, the 29th and the youngest state of India. After having done social work for almost 10 years in my 30 years, I\'ve now decided to take democratic route to #giveback to the society

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About The Event

About the Fundraiser

Hello Everyone!

This is Kantha Rao from Telangana, the 29th and the youngest state of India. After having done social work for almost 10 years in my 30 years, I've now decided to take democratic route to #giveback to the society for a bigger impact.

I'm contesting the upcoming Telangana Assembly Elections as an independent MLA from Peddapalli constituency. As I embark this new journey to give back to the society, I would like to seek your support and donations to meet my election campaign expenses.

Why Politics now?
Giving back to the society is something that has been in me since last few years. Thanks to my roots and brought up. Though I have been working in a multinational with a comfortable lifestyle and a satisfying career I wasn't content. There is something missing or lacking in lifeand I realized that I wasn't satisfied in the extent to which I was giving back to the society.

Today as September ends and the new month of October dawns in I have resigned my job to make a move into full-fledged politics to contest as an assembly candidate. I kow that the road isn't going to be easy and it's not a complete platter to sit and eat. I should put in my best efforts and that's to the assistance of friends and family who have given me great courage in taking this step." When the going gets tough, the tough get going. " Let's see how far I can, infact we can go and make our voice heard.

Signing off as an S&P globalite and hope to Sign in as MLA in the assembly with all your blessings.

Why now?
It is estimated that by Y2020, the average age of an Indian would be 29 years. Whereas, the average age of Telangana Legislative Assembly currently stands at ~54 years. These figures indicate the need for the youth to rise up to the occasion and give back to the society and be a part of legislation making. I will be the youth representative.

Why Peddapalli?
Peddapalli is my home constituency. I happen to study there till my 10th class and then moved to Hyderabad. After having completed my bachelors and working for more than 7 years at S&P Global, I've now decided to give back to my home constituency.

Professional Experience:
After completing B.Tech, I joined S&P Global as a junior technical support engineer. In that role, I was helping the international clients with their technical issues as well as roll outs. Later on, I changed to Quality Analyst role and worked for 2 years.

Social Experience:
Having grown in up in a rural village, I’ve always fascinated by the greenery. After moving to Hyderabad for further studies, while I was studying B.Tech, I founded Planet 3 Protection Alliance (NGO) along with friends from various colleges to make Hyderabad a better place to live-in. As a founder of the organization, I’ve initiated various green activities viz. to make a positive impact on the society.

● Haritha Vanam – Tree Plantation Drives (Y2010)

● Harithon – The Green Run (Y2011-2015)

● Green Frames Photography Exhibition Contest (Y2015)

● Recharge Hyderabad (Y2016)

● Shubhra Hyderabad (Y2018)

● StairWell (Y2013)

● Think.Eat.Save (Y2014)

● Young Achievers Award by Vandemataram Youth Front
● Received Best NGO Award from Street Cause for 3 consecutive years under my leadership.

Campaign Expenses:
Ahead of the polls, we will be doing door-to-door campaign across Peddapalli constituency to establish 1-1 connect with the people and hear out their issues as well tell them how we can help them solve their issues. During this campaign, we would need money to meet expenses like branding material, travelling, logistics, food, accommodation and public meetings etc.
In this regard, we would like to raise upto 28 lakhs, the cap amount set by Election Commission of India (ECI) to spend towards election campaign by an MLA. We shall ensure that the amount collected will be spent with utmost transparency and it will be open for everyone to support us. So I hope to raise this amount with help of public to contest this election in the best interest of my constituency, state and country.

Family Background:
I was born at Peddapalli district to Ravadi Pulla Rao and Narsamma. My dad is a progressive farmer and is still doing agriculture at Sulthanpur. Also, he was awarded with the ‘Best Farmer’ Award by Prof. Jaya Shankar Telangana State Agriculture University (PJTSAU) for his early adoption of farm mechanization in the state of Telangana and even a documentary was also published (link).

When is the Election?

We are still waiting for an official announcement from Election Commission of India about election dates. I shall update this section as soon as we have some concrete announcement by ECI.

MLA Contestant Full Details:
Name: Ravadi Kantha Rao
Constituency: Peddapalli in Telangana, India.
Election Symbol: It will be allotted after nomination filing process.
Cell: 9985393942
Social Media links:

Terms & Conditions

I declare that I am an Indian citizen, above 18 years of age and am making this contribution voluntarily from legally earned personal funds. Also, I permit the organizer/individual/recipient to communicate with me using my phone and/or email specified above. The particulars and statements made above are correct to the best of my knowledge and nothing has been concealed or withheld.

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