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This is a C/C++ coding contest which puts ones coding skills and logic to test. The interface and the hosting environment is all developed by our team at PISB using technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, python and Django.
Registration Fees:Rs.100



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This is a C/C++ coding contest which puts ones coding skills and logic to test. The interface and the hosting environment is all developed by our team at PISB using technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, python and Django.

Registration Fees:Rs.100 per team


2.Reverse Coding

This is a new event which was introduced in Credenz'16. Basically, the contestants are required to decipher some patterns and also code the source from a given set of inputs and corresponding outputs. Again the UI and the environment are all developed by our team using the same technologies as mentioned in Clash.

Registration Fees:Rs.80 per team.

3.Software development

Here the contestants are asked to create a real life desktop or android application on the given theme using any languages of their choice. Generally, this involves building an application to solve some real life issues which we may face every day.

Registration Fees:Rs.200 per team.

4.Web Weaver

Web weaver requires the contestants to design a website, basic yet captivating enough to grab the attention of our mentors and judges. Also, the websites are related to the main theme of our event.

Registration Fees:Rs.150 per team.


Football- The most breath-taking game becomes even more so when it's the robots that play the game. The contestants bring in their footballer-bot to the game and become a part of the most attractive of the events of Credenz. As an event that surely keeps everyone’s eyes transfixed on the field, RoboLIGA does not fail to entertain and teach at the same time. Also it brings in the Robotics-aspect of Credenz.

Registration Fees:Rs.200 per team.

6.Mad Talks

Ever had an idea or a thought deemed absurd by society? Here at MAD talks, we appreciate crazy ideas. MAD talks gives the contestants a platform to put forward their ingenious thoughts and let their imagination soar. It is a battle of grey cells and wit where insanity is sane.

Registration Fees:Rs.150 per participant


An Electronics based competition which tests the participants' theoretical & practical knowledge. Circuit designing skills along with basic understanding of all electronic components are tested here. Again all the question framing is done by our junior team here at PISB.

Registration Fees:Rs.150 per team.

8.Business Plan

This event, also known as B-Plan, is an opportunity for all young minds with a spark, who aim to become entrepreneurs in the near future, to THINK big and prove it to the world. It certainly provides a good opportunity to have discussions with students, and the well-learned people who can provide valuable guidance.

Registration Fees:Rs.150 per team.


9. General Quiz:

It includes everything from robotics to politics. Test your GK!

Registration Fees:Rs.50 per team.

  1. MELA Quiz:

Movies Entertainment Literature and Arts (MELA) is all set to test your knowledge of literature, arts and entertainment. If you are an entertainment lover, this is for you!

Registration Fees:Rs.50 per team.


  1. Biz Tech Quiz:

If you are passionate about marketing, economics and business, then Biz Tech is the ultimate questionnaire you need to answer to test your knowledge.


 Registration Fees:Rs.50 per team.

12.Paper Presentation

It is always said that knowledge is not something to be confined to oneself, but something to be shared as much as possible. One of the most popular events of Credenz, Paper Presentation gives a platform to undergraduate/ postgraduate students to present technical papers and get judged by eminent personalities from their respective fields.

 Registration Fees:Rs.200 per team.


Have you ever wondered how to apply toothpaste on your brush in 20 steps? Ever wondered how to light a candle in 30 steps? Contraption is all about complexifying the simplest of things you see around yourself and executing the same using a series of energy conversions. Its whole essence lies in a perfectly balanced mix of innovation, creativity, relevance which results in profound entertainment.

  Registration Fees:Rs.200 per team.

14.Wall Street

Ever wondered how those blue collars sitting in their corner office make deals worth over billions of dollars? Also, ever wondered why is there so much chaos due to the fluctuations in Sensex? WallStreet presents a virtual stock market to get a glimpse of everything that happens on the NewYork StockExchange. The news, stock pricings and mobile app used in WallStreet are again all developed by our team at PISB.

 Registration Fees:Rs.50 per team.


Pixelate gives the contestants a chance to plot the pixels of their imagination on the virtual canvas! The participants are required to design a poster related to the theme using technologies like Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity, 3dsmax. Integrate your creativity with technology and paint your ideas!

 Registration Fees:Rs.150 per team.

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