CREDAI Conclave At Taj Palace

CREDAI Conclave At Taj Palace


About The Event


Convention Theme: Mission Transparency.

Mission Transparency’ was broached by CREDAI at 11th National Convention (NATCON) Singapore before the Urban Development Minister Mr. Kamal Nath. An oath was also taken in the presence of the Hon'ble Minister, to adhere to the Code of Conduct to bolster ‘Mission Transparency’. ‘Mission Transparency’ is a clarion call to the nation to reform the Development Plan approval process on Pan India level, to the extent that corruption in the approval process is banished.

Now, it is the turn of the Government to take the bull by its horns and address the core issue plaguing the Realty sector. CREDAI is relentlessly working to refine, evolve, develop and propagate 'Mission Transparency' into a series of proposed actions that will metamorphose the real estate sector. Numerous other allied industries, the ordinary home-buyers and the national economy would also be benefited considerably.

The CREDAI Conclave in Delhi will be a more concerted approach to ‘Mission Transparency’. Every granular detail pertaining to approval process and its de-bottlenecking will be the essence of this Conclave.

The concept of Single Window clearance is a must for the real estate sector without which its growth is unnecessarily impeded. McKinsey's report to the GOM in 2010 states that hurdles related to the land approval process are adding up to 30% to the cost of a home. If these delays are removed, real estate can add at least an additional 1.5% to the GDP of the nation. Additionally, reliable estimates tell us that the present process of multiple approvals result in wastage of governance energy and reduce attention to the core need of advanced holistic Urban Planning. CREDAI is determined to find and implement the solutions required to free the industry of this problem through ‘Mission Transparency’ – a two-pronged strategy to assure the customer a fair deal through ethical commercial practices, as well as efficient Plan Approval process through reforms of Governmental policies.
Who should attend?

 Who should attend?

  • Real Estate Developers
  • Construction Companies
  • Financial Institutions and Banks
  • Real Estate Funds
  • Investment Banks
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Infrastructure Developers
  • Consultancy Organizations
  • Architects & Contractors
  • Civil Engineers and consultants
  • Asset & Fund Management Companies
  • IT Solutions Providers
  • Private Investors ( Domestic/Internationals )
  • Government & Public Sector Undertakings

Why should you attend?

  • To look in to the future of Real Estate
  • Gain valuable industry insight from leading expert in the industry
  • Meet, network and exchange ideas with fellow industry leaders
  • Generate leads and new business
  • Examine innovative fund structures and engage in the fees debate
  • Identify the successes and failures that impacted the industry's biggest deals
  • Examine new concept, thought leadership and best practice
  • Access a marketplace to present your products and services to the industry
  • Learn debate and contribute to various policy issues of Realty Sector
  • Join and lend your voice for unity, dignity and growth of the sector

A Conclave on “MISSION TRANSPARENCY” to Achieve;

• Transparent deals to home buyers and resolution to their grievances
• Consistency in business stabilizing prices. (The uncertainty/inconsistent in policies send the Real Estate Market on roller coaster)
• Tier II Tier III Developers businesses to grow multifold
• Also it will result in……
» 100% growth in Employment
» 100% growth in housing stock
» 100% growth in revenue to Central, state Governments and Municipal bodies.
» 100% Real estate Business growth
» 300% increase in foreign investments
» Reduction in establishment cost of government by 80%
» Housing cost reduction by 10 to 25% if one window clearance for plan approval within 3 weeks
» Participation of young generation into business who is vary of entering this field due to stigma
» Create resources for funding urban infrastructure
» Find solutions to real affordable housing

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