Creativity/Problem Solving Workshop

Creativity/Problem Solving Workshop


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About The Event

One day promotion discount for Rs 3999/=, promotion ends 7/22, 1159pm. DON'T miss to see this workshop. Peter is one of the best speaker in the world. Due to customer feedback, dinner is replaced by lunch at 145pm, there will be no cocktail.

If you missed to see recent webinar presented by Peter De Jager on 6/27, here is another opportunity to hear the recorded version.


About Speaker: Peter de Jager is from Toronto, Canada, a speaker/writer/consultant on Problem Solving and Change Management. He has travelled in 40+ countries, published hundreds of articles on topics ranging from Problem Solving, Creativity and Change to the impact of technology on areas such as privacy, security and business. His articles have appeared in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Futurist and Scientific American.

His presentations and workshops are highly interactive, fun, irreverent to mistaken ideas and most distinctively - provocative. You can view much of his work at

About the Topic: We all solve Problems on a daily basis - in fact, if it were not for problems to solve - most of us wouldn't have jobs. But how good are we at solving problems? Based upon my experience, most of us (including myself if I don’t pay attention) tend to jump into a problem with both feet and seldom do much thinking or analysis before we start wrestling a problem to the ground. That’s not the best approach.

In this workshop we'll look at some very simple, yet powerful ways, to approach a problem. We'll try and provide a few ways to sneak up on a solution, rather than charging at it. In short? How to think differently once we discover the old ways aren't working!

None of the methods offered will require you to acquire new skills – all they require is a change in behaviours, more thinking, more structure to our analysis, more patience, more strategy, more self-awareness. The guaranteed deliverable is the ability to become a better problem solver immediately.

This workshop is 100% hands-on. The technique used is this – I present participants with puzzles and problems – allow you to attempt to solve them – and extract lessons from how we approached the solutions. The greatest learning will come from our failures.

The objective of the session is entice participants to think very differently about the ways we do things. You’ll leave with an understanding of a very simple, and very effective, Problem Solving Methodology.

This might be the most interactive, most frustrating and most provocative little workshop you’ve ever attended. Oh… it is also fun. At the very least, you’ll have some new puzzles and challenges to take back to your family and friends – to annoy them – because you’ll know the answer, and it’s so much fun watching other people learn. (Yes – I do enjoy this workshop)

The prerequisite for the workshop? A willingness to do some self-examination of how you approach the wide field of problem solving and thinking differently.

Price - Rs 7999/= Early bird discount till June 30th, 2017, regular price - Rs. 8999/= (Dinner & Cocktail included). This is promotion price, normally cost is very high to attend workshop from international Speaker like Peter. 


This workshop is hosted by (AAA Software & Consultants), Management Training company.

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