Creative Unblock for moms

Creative Unblock for moms


  • Creative Unblock for Moms

    3 Fridays of Creativity and Fun

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About The Event

Observe. interpret. express. Unlock and improve your creative quotient. Think different, think unbound.

Everybody is born creative with a free mind. In the famous words of Picasso, every child is creative, the problem is how to remain creative once we grow up. We all possess potential to create and that’s what Creativedge aims to bring out in you. Being creative is a state of mind that helps you look at any problem as opportunity to better, this helps a person grow in both on personal and professional level. In this training module we give you the tools to re connect with your creative self, we give you the platform to express freely, and train you to be creative in your work and everyday life.

Topics covered :

  • Unwind and warm up
    • Unlocking creative inhibition
    • Thinking wild thinking wide
    • Theater of body and mind
  • Observation and inspiration
    • Conscious and sub conscious observation
    • Elements of connect and inspiration
    • Creative appreciation
  • Interpretation
    • Values and bias
    • Visual and verbal interpretation
    • Form and function 
  • Expression
    • Visual and verbal communication
    • Art and innovation
  • Ideation and Application
  • Problem solving and value creation
  • Co creation
  • Design mela


3 Fridays of Unlimited fun and creativity!! 

Dates: 2 Oct/ 9 Oct/ 16th Oct


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