Create your Personal financial plan

Create your Personal financial plan


  • Create your financial plan - Individual

    Create your financial plan - 21st Dec 2014

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  • Create your financial plan - Couple

    Create your financial plan - Couple - 21/12/2014

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About The Event

Money management is very important aspect of life, knowing this also, it is ignored.

Why ? because there is a wrong impression in mind of common man that, it is a very difficult and complicated.

This is a myth.

This Workshop will give you some Powerful, simple and basic techniques to follow which can add lot of value in your personal financial management.

If you really look in to, 80% problems in your life arises due to mis- management of finances. Which results in to frustration, depression and insecurity.

Money gives you freedom and also a very loyal partner in life.


Benefits to you :

1. Get your financial health checked with understanding of significance.

2. Streamlining of your cash flows, you will know what is really happening with your money.

3. Getting clear vision and direction to your financial management.

4. Utilizing loans to become RICH and enjoying life.

5. No one can fool you in the financial market so no regrates hence forth.

6. Informed financial decisions.

7. Peace of mind.


This workshop is divided in to 2 sessions.

1. part 1 : Pre-lunch session : Conceptual understanding.

  • What is saving and investing.
  • What is power of compounding and its significance in your financial life.
  • How to create a strong foundation to your financial life.
  • Strategies to beat inflation.
  • Creating a budget and monitoring it.
  • how to distribute your income.
  • What are financial goals and How to set them ?
  • Different financial instruments available in market and how to choose them.
  • Good loans and how they can help you to create wealth.
  • Be aware of the traps in the market and how to protect your self.
  • Good loans and why you should not prepay your home loan ?
  • How to save tax and build your portfolio.
  • Why diversification and how to create a diversified portfolio.
  • How to build strong passive income to get FINANCIAL FREEDOM.
  • and much more...........

    Part 2 : Post lunch session. : Create your financial plan

  • Analyse your net worth.
  • Analyse your financial health and how to take care of that.
  • Build a strong foundation to your financial life.
  • Set and quantify your financial goals.
  • Set appropriate assumptions for creating your financial plan.
  • Calculate the future values of financial goals.
  • Select the right asset class for right goals.
  • Calculate the investment required for goal.
  • Set priorities for the goals.
  • Select the right kind of investment for your financial goals.
  • Plan tax saving with investment portfolio
  • Choose right investment from the financial market for you.
  • Your financial plan is ready.

Understand how to revisit your goals and review your personal financial plans.



Trainer :


Ashish Ramesh Bhave, India's first Wealth creation trainer.

He is a founder and CEO of Ashish Bhave's academy of Wealth.

With his academy he is helping people in Multiplying income , Financial planning, Wealth management and philanthropy management.

He is the only Supervisor - CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER from Pune on Financial planning standard board, India.

His vision is to make people RICH and HAPPY.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER by profession and Wealth creation trainer by passion.

He had guided more than 5000+ individuals related in personal financial management and helping many Indian families across the world to manage their personal finance and taking Smart financial decisions.


 For queries contact at 088620 79292.


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