Crafts and Bots - Senior Robotics Summer Camp for Kids of age 12+

Crafts and Bots - Senior Robotics Summer Camp for Kids of age 12+


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About The Event

With the current trends in technology and increased importance being given to Arts in combination with technology, we introduce the STEAM based Crafts and BotsTM workshop for little innovators this summer.  


Crafts and Bots is a combination of Craft work and Robotics. Here the students will be encouraged to think out of the box and develop gadgets and models using things around them like cardboard and thermocol in combination with EtchBricks. EtchBricks are Electronic building blocks which can be plugged in to each other to build amazing interesting projects without the need for programming, soldering or any prior knowledge in electronics.


Using EtchBricks anyone can build projects without the need of a computer. Instead children will be building a very small computer of their own which takes inputs and gives relevant outputs. This circuit in combination with Arts and Crafts help students build amazing models. With the simplicity of building projects, children as young as 7+ years can build, make and innovate amazing creations using EtchBricks. 


The short term summer workshop will have the following impact on students


  1. Students will be taught, how the basic gadgets around them work. 
  2. How they can make gadgets on their own using the material around them in combination with EtchBricks; using concepts of STEAM which is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.
  3. Students will be encouraged to think on their own, discuss and build projects, which will put their creative thinking, group activity and problem solving skills to use. 
  4. With just a short term workshop, students will gain confidence that they can build interesting projects using things around them.
  5. This experience will help them think differently and make contribution to various national level science fairs along with students from various other schools.    


Workshop Format:


  1. Though we believe in Group Activity, we are very seriously concerned over individual learning. So there will be no sharing of kits, each student will build his/her own project. This allows each student gaining confidence to build and make along with bringing shy students to take a forward step who otherwise will be hidden in larger groups.
  2. The students will be allowed to think practically and implement their own ideas. Once they get an understanding of the EtchBricks Kit, they will be confident and curious enough to build on their own.
  3. A competition will be conducted at the end of the workshop based on a theme, the winner will be provided with an appreciation award and an interesting gift.
  4. At the end of the workshop, each students will be given a free take home kit. The price of the take home kit is included in the workshop price.

The content and day wise schedule of the workshop is as follows:

Day – 1:

  1. Installing software and drivers
  2. Introduction to Arduino
  3. Introduction to hardware
  4. Blinking LEDs
  5. Understanding Loops
  6. Understanding IF statements
  7. Using Buttons
  8. Using Buzzers
  9. Developing simple sequences using LEDs and button

Day – 2:

  1. Introduction to Serial monitor
  2. Seeing data on a serial monitor
  3. Tasks on Serial monitor
  4. Developing a simple watch application
  5. Introduction to concept of ECHO
  6. Measuring distance using the ECHO sensor
  7. Introduction to Servo motor
  8. Building simple applications using Servo motor
  9. Building Automatic toll booth using Servo and ECHO sensor

Day – 3:

  1. Assembling the Robot
  2. Controlling the motors on the Robot
  3. Making a distance maintaining robot
  4. Fixing Servo motor to the Robot
  5. Programming the robot to avoid obstacles
  6. Adding Servo and building a distance maintaining robot
  7. Practice

Day – 4:

  1. Fine tuning the robot
  2. Future applications
  3. Competition
  4. Certificate and prize distribution    

Looking forward to see you at the event.


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