Corporate Grooming and Etiquette Workshop for Women

Corporate Grooming and Etiquette Workshop for Women


  • Corporate Grooming & Etiquette Workshop

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About The Event

Women today are skilfully juggling on multiple fronts, be it personal or professional. This mandates them to make quick decisions on various issues including what clothes to wear to office the next day. The clothing they wear reflects their personality and is an essential element in their professional image building. Hence it is crucial that they make best use of their clothing budget to build the best wardrobe.


Ms. Poojaa Jadhav is a certified image consultant and a soft skills trainer who specialises in creating and maintaining a professional image.


This workshop is designed to help women from different professional backgrounds to identify their personal styles and dress to build a professional image that brings out their confidence, strength and leadership.


“Dress Confidently to Impress”




After attending the workshop the learner will be able to


  1. Identify their own body shape, face shape and personal colour.
  2. Understand Professional dressing & Styling.
  3. Select clothing and accessories that best suits them.
  4. Plan their wardrobe and evaluate it.
  5. Display immaculate business etiquette
  6. Apply techniques for best personal styling.




  • First Impressions


o   Importance of great first impressions


o   Creating a great first impression


o   Proper articulation


o   Projecting self confidence




  • Smart Dressing and Accessories


o   Body & Face Shape Analysis


o   Analysis of personal colour and personal style


o   Understanding the international style scale


o   Basics of professional clothing


o   Dressing according to your body and face shape


o   Smart accessories




  • Grooming & Business Etiquette


o   Basic grooming tips


o   The art of small talk


o   Business & social etiquette


o   Business card – when to ask for / when to offer yours


o   Power words to use often


o   Ideal body language in professional setting




  • Clustering and Wardrobe management


o   Importance of clustering


o   Creating work attire clusters


o   Organising wardrobe


o   Wardrobe Evaluation


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