Corporate Grooming and Etiquette by Ms.Sabira Merchant

Corporate Grooming and Etiquette by Ms.Sabira Merchant


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About The Event

Most Companies invest significant time, money and resources perfecting their corporate brand and image. Employees play a big part in how that corporate brand is delivered and defined inside and outside of the company.

Ms. Sabira Merchant specializes in helping companies and organizations understand the impact of appearance and personal image on corporate brand. It is about the Visual Appearance, Verbal and Non verbal Communication and Business as well as Socia l Etiquette.

Dress for Success

The first impression we give when we enter a roo m is in the basic form of how we look. We need to realize that the way we dress and project ourselves and the colours we wear are our initial form of communication and it is of utmost importance that we make good use of our wardrobe colours and personal grooming.

Your work clothes should be viewed as an investment in your future. The faculty with her ability to visualize the correct mix of color, fabric, and style will guid e you to truly make your image unique.


This 2 days workshop is designed to teach participants to apply the unique tool of image to enhance their own as well as the company’s image and branding.

Learning Objectives

  • Build a consistent professional image with organization visio n and mission.
  • Build good corporate relationships with your customers
  • Influence negotiations with power image and relevant body language
  • Enhancing confidence in presenting yourself
  • Exercise proper business Etiquette


Front Liners, Supervisors, Managers, Executives, Human Resources, Corporate communication Executives, General Managers who wish to enhance their image and to create a good first impressions in order to be effective in the workplace and achieve good interpersonal skills.

Workshop Content :


Greetings & Introduction

  • Types of handshakes (Demonstrations with audience participation)
  • Etiquette for Social Business Events
  • Networking for Business
    • Conducting Small Talk
    • The Art of Remembering Names
  • Business Cards –when to ask for one /when to offer yours
  • Power words to use often
  • Tone of Voice
  • Voice Modulation
  • Proper articulation
  • Importance of great first impression.
  • Projecting Self Confidence
  • Designer terminology

Your Body Language:

  • Eye contact
  • Facial expressions,
  • Hand gestures
  • Body positions and Stance
  • Non Verbal Communication.
  • What is your body saying –the silent signals

Pleasant Personality

Building Rapport instantly

Secrets of attractive people


Dress for Success

-according to the competitive world of business.

Specific and individual guidance and counsel for each participant on the following areas

  • Manager Your ‘Visual Image’
  • Impeccable Grooming
  • Business Formal
  • Business Smart Casual
  • Woman Executive
  • Dress in International Business
  • Accessories
  • Packing for Business Travel

Develop and convey poise and confidence

  • Daily grooming routines
  • Hygiene
  • Make up for women
  • How you smell and body odour
  • Hair care
  • Colour and Style

Fine Dinning & Business Entertaining

  • Table setting-Formal, Informal and the Cutlery Placement
  • Continental vs American Style
  • RSVP , Seating Arrangements
  • Silverware Savvy , Chopsticks
  • Napkin Placement
  • Toasting, Receiving Lines
  • Wines, Champagnes and Liqueurs
  • Types of Win e Glasses
  • How to Eat Various Foods, Foods to Avoid
  • Billing & Tipping worldwide
  • Thank You Notes

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