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About The Event

“Chanakya and his Management Ideas”



Go back 2000 years to learn management


Chanakya - probably the world’s first management Guru who lived in 3rd Century BC was well known for his management models and strategies. Used by various kings for managing and leading their kingdoms, the principles of the book are useful even in the modern corporate world.


These Chanakyan ideas give a complete insight into management and leadership systems as available nowhere else. Simple and easy to understand, this model has been derived after years of research on Ancient Indian management models that existed over 2000 years ago.



Key benefits


On implementation the participants will learn to understand any business activity completely. They will be able to better handle their people problems, finance aspects and also organizational issues with holistic approach.


Who should Attend:


This one day programme is for everyone who wants to understand the basics of management. Any one who would like to be effective both inside and outside the organisation. Those who are decision makers and result oriented in an organization. Departmental heads, Identified project leaders, team members and key functionaries in all department involved in execution of plan and strategies.


The following areas will be covered in the program module


       Leadership Qualities

       Constituents of Management

       Being a effective subordinate

       Working in line with the company objectives


       Developing as team leader

     Understanding importance of - Finance, research and development, continuous innovation, HRD in an   organization.


Benefits from the program:


  1. Develop leadership skills
  2. Management techniques for better productivity
  3. How to handle your employees and also your boss
  4. Long term and short term planning
  5. Strategic management
  6. Team work


Move up from motivation to inspiration



Why this program is important for you?


Many times in an organization the members become specialized in their particular field and department that they miss out on the complete picture. The lack of knowledge of how a business runs creates a disharmony within an organization. Training them to understand the basics of business is essential for higher productivity.


Program coverage (One day duration)


        Understand the 7 pillars of Chanakya

        Apply the 7 pillars to solve problems in your company

        Striking management sutras from Kautilya Arthashastra

        Leadership ideas of Chanakya

        Making an action plan and implementation




Power point presentation, Film clippings, Group discussions, Case studies, Q &A etc

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