If paid in cash, it is Rs. 1800. If you have to pay cash, please reach me at 9820633374

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Social pass enables 20 people to come for super early bird price of Rs. 300 only for every social. Without this pass, for last 6 socials only about 4 people amongts all attendees could get this super early bird price. By the time 20 people register, usually the price goes up to Rs. 500 or above. As an active pass holder, you are allowed this super early bird price for indefinite time, not for just next 6 socials! Offering super early bird price to all you 20 people adds a lot of burden on the organizer to manage things. But As an organizer of Lindy Hop socials in Mumbai I am rather proud to say that I have dedicated people like you who I can recognize and reward. This has always been my priority! My intention to build a Lindy Hop community has been for awesome people like you and I am so glad that I have you with us! I would encourage that you check out the details of the pass and take benefit of it.

How this pass works:

I am sure none of you have always gotten a ticket for 300 for all the past socials you have attended. You could have paid 300, 400, 500 or even 800 sometimes.
Amount that you have spent over several socials would be more than Rs. 1800. You had to run to book a ticket for every social to get a low price ticket!

With this pass:

1) Rs. 1800 - valid for 6 socials from 8th Aug till 17th October. Each social only Rs. 300 for you. [Social dates: 8th Aug, 23rd Aug, 5th Sep, 19th Sep, 3rd Oct, 17th Oct]

2) If you want to bring a NEW friend, book them for Rs. 500 with your pass even last minute!

3) With introduction of this pass and for fairness online registrations for every social will vary from Rs. 500 (super early bird) to Rs. 800 (last minute) respectively for single social registrants. We are proud to reward 20 committed people with the social pass to get socials for Rs. 300 instead of just 4 registrants previously.

3) Top up your pass during any social to at least Rs. 1800 again as soon as you run down below Rs. 1000 on it or after every 3rd social to keep your super early bird price going endlessly forever and to carry forward all your balance money endlessly forever. 

4) If you miss a social, you don't necessarily loose money. Money will be carried forward endlessly when u top up and renew your pass and can be used to bring a NEW friend anytime in future until your pass is valid and renewed. Worst situation if you never ever find a new friend to bring, and missed a social out of 6, the average that you spend for 5 socials, still just comes to Rs. 360. Remember, super early bird starts at Rs. 500 for single socials!

This pass will help me reward you for the committment you will show to Lindy Hop

Since the pass is already so low value, if paid in cash it is Rs. 1800. If paid online, it is Rs. 1900 which includes subsidized convenience fees. Please contact me at 9820633374 if you wish to pay cash to me.

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