COPEN 8 2013

COPEN 8 2013


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The present millennium is witnessing radical changes, especially in the area of manufacturing technologies towards achieving iniaturization in products and components through introduction of micro factories. The term ‘micro factory’ represents an entirely new approach in design and manufacture that minimizes production systems to match the size of the part they produce. It leads to the conservation of space and energy, and the reduction of investment and operational cost, as well as the reduction of emission and the load on operators. There is a growing need for fast, direct, and mass manufacturing of miniaturized functional products from metals, polymers, composites, and ceramics. The demand for miniaturized meso/micro devices with high aspect ratios and superior surfaces has been rapidly increasing in aerospace, automotive, biomedical, optical, military, and microelectronics packaging. The trend towards miniaturization particularly in the fields of electronics, consumer products, energy generation and storage, medical devices, and microsystems technology is sure to continue as long as consumers still seek for compact devices with heavily integrated functions. Besides the amount of products, there are also requirements on the quality of micro components, such as high accuracy and precise three dimensional geometries.

The objective of the present conference is to provide a common platform for specialists working in precision, meso, micro and nano engineering industries and academic institutions,R&D organisations for interaction and exchange of their ideas leading to networking of participant organizations for effective collaboration in R&D and identify areas which require future research. The COPEN conference continues to grow as the place where manufacturers gather to connect with the pace of innovation.


First COPEN was hosted by Indian Institute of Technology Madras in the year 2000. Subsequent editions were organized by PSG College of Technology Coimbatore in 2002, Central Manufacturing Institute Bangalore in 2003, Jadavpur University Kolkata in 2005,
College of Engineering Trivandrum in 2007,PSG College of Technology and Amrita School of Engineering Coimbatore in 2009, and College of Engineering Pune in 2011. The eighth in the series is scheduled to be held during 13-15 December 2013 at NIT Calicut, Kerala, India.

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