coool science summer camp for your kids at thane

coool science summer camp for your kids at thane


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Does your kid dream to become a scientist or a food inspector, or is he/she charmed with magic tricks done by magicians or does electricity interest them ?


Then, ScienceUtsav’s Science Researchers is the  perfect solution for your kids’ ever curious minds. Science Researchers module is an introduction to the wonderful world of chemistry, where kids learn that 1+1 doesn’t equal to 2 in chemistry! They are encouraged and made curious to understand the science behind everyday things. They make projects which helps them generate interest and the brainstorming and group discussions are held along with role plays which help in retention of what has been learnt. There is ample time for questions, quizzes and puzzles to ensure each kid participates and understands the concept well. Program involves learning about the laws of nature, science in day to day life, How things work and other interesting science concepts through exciting experiments, projects, puzzling, logical thinking, practical debates, role plays etc.




Science Researchers is for kids’ entering Grade 3 - Grade 5


Highlights of the workshop


- Learn that 1+1 doesn’t equal to 2 in chemistry! The properties of the elements differ when mixed into a compound


- Understand the science behind stains and how soap helps to eliminate it


- Participants become food Inspector conduct tests to detect adulteration in various food items


- Learn the science of phosphorescence and chemiluminescence


- Learn how magicians use chemistry to fool us with amazing tricks


- Learn about the wonderful world of electricity, make your own project using wires and LEDs


- Receive a certificate at the end of the course


When and where


10 days fun workshops throughout summer at a centre near you ( more than 50 centres across India )


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