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U\\\'re educated. U\\\'re informed. U’re aware.
U\\\'ve got hi-fi degrees on Ur CVs and big titles on Ur business cards.
U\\\'re independent. U\\\'re confident. U make good money.
U\\\'re urban. U\\\'re cosmopolitan.

Conversation Dinners in Mumbai


  • Table No.1 - Now is the Time, 30s

    For men and women aged in or around number thirty

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    Sold Out
  • Table No.2 - Life Begins at, 40s

    For men and women in their forties

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  • Table No.3 - Budhdha Hoga Tera Baap, 50s

    For men and women whore fifty plus and looking for a companionship.

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About The Event


U're educated. U're informed. U’re aware.

U've got hi-fi degrees on Ur CVs and big titles on Ur business cards.

U're independent. U're confident. U make good money.

U're urban. U're cosmopolitan.

U’re open-minded, and accommodative.

U're self-made, and thereby down-to-earth.

U’re disciplined. U make a responsible citizen.

U're eligible in most possible ways, and U're looking.


But there’s a twist.


While Matrimon(ies).com are little too formal for U, Dating(s).com are bit too insincere. While arranged is something that wouldn't convince U, love is yet away! While U don’t think U can say ‘I do’ after 2 meetings, U're not here to window-shop brides/grooms but do sincerely seek one.


No two things about it - Marriage is definitely what U aim at out of the whole act. But, in Ur own way, on Ur own terms. May be U're among the ones who first want to fall in love, and then marry?! May be U're waiting for that one genuine spark, the click??!


We, at ‘Conversation Dinners’, attempt to bring together the singles sailing in the same (read above-described) boat, create opportunities for them to meet likewise, develop friendships, fall in love may be, and find a relationship that times down the line furthers into a blessed wed-lock.



Who, all?


Anyone who’s Single, Eligible, and Looking.


Indian, male/female, from Indian/International metro cities, and with marriage on the list.


May be professionals, young entrepreneurs, career men/women, business owners.


[For people looking for heterosexual relationships/marriages only. No offences, however, in the interest of mass; we won't be able to accommodate gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, and trans-genders]
Eligible is a word here. And with that I essentially meant to say that U should be doing well professionally and financially, U must have good communication skills, U must be disciplined and respectful of others, and U should be genuine in Ur words and behaviors what-so-ever. Trust me, Honesty is still the best policy!


Here are the Conversation Dinner Tables :


~ Table#1 - Now is the Time, 30's!

~ Table#2 - Life Begins at, 40's!

~ Table#3 - Budhdha Hoga Tera Baap, 50's!


[It's in the interest of mass to divide ourselves age range wise, or else, smaller groups might help people make some close connections/friendships. We'll have 3 different round tables. Boys and Girls, in and around their thirties, can join dinner table #1. Those, who are in their forties, may want to join table #2 and people aged 50 plus, can join conversation dinner table #3. After all, priorities change when U're single in Ur teens, when U're single 30 something, and when U're a single parent. And in case if we'll have fewer entries at certain table(s), we'll settle for an option of merging one or two tables then and there] 





Conversation Dinners is our Signature EventConversation Dinners at starred restaurant in Ur city; walk-in to the restaurant U’re invited to, table is pre-booked, menu pre-arranged, and order pre-paid with the restaurant, U only need to ask reception counter to escort U to Conversation Dinners Table# – where U meet, greet and interact with others who too are - Single, Eligible, and Looking!


Okay, so U'll not wait for him/her to take the first step and initiate the dialogue! Let the format bear the onus of starting the conversation, while U fine dine :-)


Eight spots available at each table.


Out of the eight participants at the dinner table, one would act as a facilitator. He/she will remove an interesting question/topic to which each participant shares his/her perspective on, one by one. Questions shall bring out some insight of the participant, thereby letting others know about him or her, while at the same time keeping the conversation going. For example, questions could be....


"What are you grateful for?", "How full is Ur glass?", "Does looks matter?" etc etc

Facilitator basically facilitates removing questions and thereby passively track and channelize the conversation; while equally participating into one themselves. We will be providing the questions to facilitators but questions won't be published in advance - the pandora's box will open right at the dinner-table! Participants should take turns and respond to them - while others hear, see, observe. The cycle will repeat for 6-8 times, covering up 6-8 different questions, giving each one of us an opportunity to speak up 6-8 times and observe 30-56 times :D The structured portion of the conversations shall last for first two hours, and then over to all out there!


The rule of thumb is that one person speaks at a time at the table - at least untill structured form of conversation follows.


Apparently, the scheduled dinner stands cancelled if there're all boys on the table. Or vice versa. U'll be notified of the cancellation (if it is).


[We do organize Meets beyond Dinners. Meets over anything; from simple coffees to exotic brunches/lunches, from plain walks to long treks, from after-work catch-ups to international holidays. Well, the idea is to break from our virtual certainties, help singles overcome their Bridget Jones Syndrome, involve in an activity together in a group, and in the process get to know of one-another in a real world we live in. U can't veil Urself behind Ur virtual avatars. And just like U can't, no one else can either ;-) U attend the Meets that interest U, U skip those that do not! However, the more U attend, the more are Ur chances of stumbling upon him/her!]


The Protocol


After the dinner, in next 48 Hrs, we'll roll-out a list of mail IDs of all attendees at the table, however, not phone numbers. Those who're interested in remaining in further communications, may please reach him/her out on their mail IDs and pull the phone numbers. We would have had no issues in U guys exchanging numbers right there at the dinner tables, the protocol is only to provide some measures for a situation when U really don't want to share Ur number with him/her.



Why, so?


Coz matrimon(ies).com are little too formal at times, and dating(s).com are bit too insincere. We need a balanced thing.


Coz it’s too much clutter. We want to meet only likewise. We seek quality. We do want to fall in love, and with the right one. 


Coz it’s not working online-online. We need a real thing. Having been chatting online with dozens over the course of couple of months is one thing, and getting to meet one of them, personally, in a real world we live in, is the other. Having to have hundred plus interests in Ur accepted bucket of is one thing, and sitting at the same table with one of them, is the other.


Coz it’s a fast paced world. We need a quick thing. Sitting across the table together in a group does provide an opportunity to meet many at a time.


Coz one-on-one is little too direct. More when it’s random. Straight from Dining in a group over simple conversations, might just compensate for a quick warm-up/ice-breaker and then interested ones can always take it off-line from there:-)


Coz Q&A can’t be the format for Ur matrimony pursuals. It’s not interviews. If at all it is, who will decide who’s the interviewer and who’s the interviewee?;-):D Even after the 1st date, U need something to talk about. We don’t mind if U start gossiping about us, ‘Conversation Dinners’, may be the only common thing between U two (of course, until U find that there are many more). In fact, it’s all worth it if it does help U guys break the ice, and thereby possibly connect beyond the superficial forms of trying to get connected.


Coz the basic human need is to operate in a no-stress environment. I am sure one would hate that cliché arrangement all of us have survived one point or the other – when our parents tried to figure out who we need to see, and how. Let the light fun-filled conversations ease out the pressure of meeting someone for matrimony prospects.


Coz what is missing is only the ways of reaching out. We do have ample of eligible singles, very much in our vicinity - in the trains, on the roads, into our next buildings. Irony is, we yet can’t reach them out coz it requires a platform which is just not there in India today. ‘Conversation Dinners’ hope to make one.


Coz U don’t get to meet a lot of people even for friendship-forming-purposes. U don't hang out in pubs, clubs or chat-rooms; U’re not really involved in activities where varied people gather; most of Ur friends are already married, as are their friends; and Ur family or neighborhood network is exhausted ways back. Life has taken over and U sail in Ur own ocean! So, how’s it gonna happen? All it takes at its minimum is to meet people, and we, Indians, just don’t have the right ways of doing so. Let’s find one.


Coz U can’t try to fall in love. U instead can only allow it to happen to U. U need not go over-bound, U need remain in Ur rather natural states. And for that, U not only need meet people but meet them over the best ice-breakers and thoughtful formats. Like ‘Conversation Dinners’ ;-)


Coz most singles’ meetups in the city are more fun-oriented; we know that he/she is single, but is he/she is looking at the same time? Don’t we need something where everybody on the table knows that everybody else is around with the same purpose? Well, and thereby no staying at the mercy of excuses to approach him/her?


Coz all said and done, U need a common contact. This thing can’t do w/o a mediator. We don’t mind being one.


Coz the whole Indian Matrimony buzz needs a revolution. Here's an attempt!


What, Strictly NOT.


~ We're not match-making cupids. We’re not the matrimony consultants (if they do exist, that is). We don't sell that one-sure-shot-formula of finding love for U. Love they said is mystery, and it remains. We don't claim to have cracked the code of finding that Perfect Match for U. We are way beyond Ur typical matchmaker impressions. In fact, we don't attempt at match-making at all. Instead, our job ends at creating opportunities for U. Also, this is nothing to compensate for being Ur mommy or daddy either. No one's going to tell U that he/she is just the right one for U – unless U make some friends out there at the dinner table and decide to exchange suggessions. No one is going to babysit U for whatever, U walk out for Urselves and do Ur own trick. After all the hullabaloo, U're the one to decide, and U're the only one responsible. So, Match Me a Match is what U want to get at, sorry we don't do that. We can't play Gods, and we believe no one else can either, in context of making matches.


~ We're not a singles’ party club. Sure, the intent is to offer an informal environment, interactive and fun-filled, however, please be mindful that the ultimate goal is to meet likewise singles, get to know them, and in the process give ourselves and others the opportunity of stumbling upon a sincere relationship. If U’re looking for only partying and having fun, this is not a place for U. So, if at all, Catch Me a Catch is the impression U have developed so far for us, I must say U're grossly mistaken.    


~ We're not meant for desparates. Be realistic with Ur expectations. The prospects at our dinner-tables aren't called in from heavens. We don't tailor-make brides/grooms for U and make them sit at our tables. They are all humans, just like U and Me. So if Ur training is missing, and U think U want to come to our dinner-tables to buy a bride/groom for U off-the-shelf, afraid U have read us all wrong. Pl don't expect the magics to happen as soon as U attend our first dinner. Having said 'Matrimony Dinners', our tables are only the arrangements where the likewise come together, interact, converse, spend some time together; and in the process give themselves and others the opportunity of finding a sincere relationship - if it's meant that way, that is. There is no conventional matrimony involved here - the word is only to attract the sincere seekers, and to let all attendees be mindful that everybody on the table is looking, thereby approachable, however, for sincere matrimonial interests only.


 ~ We're not a military camp either. Be Comfortable, Be Urselves, Feel Free. Smile, Participate, Interact. Share Ur joys and sorrows of sailing in the same boat. Talk about Ur hilarious matrimonial encounters. Let Ur fellow friends know the tricks and tips U use to survive Ur Single Status in Society. Share Ur stories of coping up with that Bridget Jones Syndrome. Meet new people beyond Ur friends, family and business or job circles. Learn something new from someone new. Make a friend. Crack a humor. Have a good time.


~ We’re not organizers of Ur typical speed-dating setup. Claiming to make 8 to 10 men meeting 8 to 10 women in one go – while half of them at both the sides are filled in with only dummies (yes, we’ve seen this happening in our research)! We don’t really track male:female ratios at the tables (trust me, it’s way too ambitious to have equal of them)! It might so happen that there are only handful attendees at some table(s), three or less. In those scenarios, we’ll take a call if U guys would like to go ahead dining with members at Ur table only, or it does makes sense to club the two tables! In case U’re the only one at Ur table, U’ll be directed to join the other table close to Ur profile. Guys, please understand that this is people’s business, little too dynamic, and no set algorithm could maintain male:female ratios, however, a safe up-market interactive environment for all of us is what we promise.     


~ We're not a place where U could even remotely use expletives. Be mindful. No expletives. No offensive remarks. No aggressive stances. Know Ur limits. Behave Urselves. Use common sense. Be respectful of others. Act from and within the range of public code of conduct. After all, that's the basic any man or woman would look for in his/her potential partner ;-) 


~ We're not open for the clingy'No' means NO, guys. How difficult is it to understand? U liked someone. He/she din't equally like U. Pl don't persue like a psychotic. No chikugiri please. We're not in our teens. We're adults, wise and mature enough to understand and accept a simple thing that it din't work out here. Leave it there. Move on. With no drudges. Someone, somewhere, is made for each one of us, and let's instead focus on directing our efforts in reaching him/her out.



How, exactly?


With ‘Conversation Dinners’, we want to form and remain a niche controlled community, and Ur profile will closely be reviewed/screened and then be accepted for joining our dinners or otherwise. Make sure U’re an eligible bachelor or attractive spinster, we’re only looking for Ms. India’s and Mr. Perfect’s to join our dinners:-)


1. Click Here to first submit Ur details.


2. Submit the scanned copy of Ur Govt ID proof ( Passport / Driving Licence / Voter ID / Ration Card etc ) to


3. Should U complete carefully both Step 1 & 2 above, time for us to screen/verify Ur profile. While doing so, we may give U a call for further verification. U will hear from us in max 48 Hrs if we’ve accepted Ur profile in our records, or otherwise.


4. Once Ur profile is accepted with us, we’ll send U invitation-only URL for payment where U can make the payment of INR 1000 and book Ur seat at our dinner table.


5. If at all, we’ll find U a misfit at the table of Ur choice, we’ll notify U and accommodate U at our other table.


6. In case of cancellation of a particular dinner, we’ll notify U well in time and make a full refund.


7. Dinner happens.


8. In 48 Hrs, U’ll receive a mail from us with all attendees' mail-IDs, however, not phone numbers. Should U be willing to keep in further communications with him/her U met at the table, U can initially converse over mails and the pull his/her number out. 


9. Over to U guys!
10. If U want to meet more singles, or the same singles for more times, U can sign up for our next dinner in Ur city.


When & Where?


In a Starred Restaurant. Across Indian & International metro cities :


~ Mumbai

~ Delhi(NCR)

~ Bangalore

~ Pune

~ Ahmedabad

~ London

~ New York

~ New Jersey

~ California 

~ Sydney

~ Melbourne

~ Singapore


Mumbai Calendar


Conversation Dinners over 6 Course Thai Meal at :


4 Star Restaurant, Marriott International Chain Restaurants.

[Venue Details to be shared in Invitation-Only mail, once Ur Profile is accepted with us]


28th Dec 2013, Saturday

7.30 PM Onwards


How Much?


INR 1000 Per Person Per Dinner



So… Love is not always a matter of chance! Remove the best pair of Ur shoes, dress to kill, wear a smile, and GO-OUT. Do Ur own job first, and then wait for the Lord to deliver. Allow us to support Ur endeavour, be the catalyst, beget an offspring for sparks to arise, and thereby let love-stories happen. Amen. 



Founders & Facilitators, (site under maintenance - will be up soon)


[ is a Social Entrepreneurship initiative, operating no-profit-no-loss, more inspired/intended towards making/offering a change to the Indian Society] 


Venue Map