Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act and Managing Outsourcing by Dr. P K Padhi

Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act and Managing Outsourcing by Dr. P K Padhi


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About The Event

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Now-a-days, many activities, like house keeping, security, canteen, logistic, maintenance, pay-roll, recruitment etc are outsourced by the organizations due to variety of reasons. For instance, to concentrate in the core activity, less legal compliance, cost reduction, less labour problem and many more. Even some of the organizations prefer to outsource their core activity too.

It is therefore essential for the executives to know the legal issues involved and compliances required either before and/or after outsourcing the core and/or ancillary activities of the organizations where they are working.

The intention behind conducting this workshop is to provide a platform where the participants would gain a first hand experience to the practical inputs with a view to hone their skills in managing outsourcing legally and efficiently.


1.To understand the practical aspects of rules and regulations that are applicable for outsourcing

2.To deal with the important legal issues while managing outsourced activities.

Broad Coverage:

IT Industry & Outsourcing

Manufacturing & Outsourcing

Infrastructure & Outsourcing

Consultancy and Services Industry & Outsourcing

Contract Labour Management & Outsourcing

Legal Compliance

B: The above mentioned topics would be addressed through Labour Laws and Contract Law.

Program Content:

Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970 (CLRA) provisions:


Objectives & Applicability of the Act. 

Essential ingredients of Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970.

Determination of Appropriate Govt. under the Act

Registration of Establishment and who is/ would be a Principal Employer.

License by Contractor

Granting certificate of registration

Circumstances in which application for registration may be rejected.

Amendment to certificate of registration.

Responsibility & Liability of Principal Employer in respect to wages, PF, ESI, welfare etc to Contract Labour.

Inspecting staff.

Prohibition of Contract Labour

Procedure for prohibition / abolition of Contract Labour system.

Forms and terms and conditions of license

Amendment of License

Important case laws on Contract Labour Act

Tips on points to be incorporated in terms of contract with Contractor

Different Forms those are used under the Rule.

Target Audience

  • Middle and senior level Personnel in HR, business managers and managers in the corporate legal cell in charge of contract management and outsourcing in organizations from both manufacturing and IT sectors.
  • Managers/Project Managers/Executives/Project Accountants dealing with the Contractors and Contract labourers of the company

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