Connect the Dots - The story of us

Connect the Dots - The story of us


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The festive season is here and the entire country is a mélange of colors, costumes and sounds. And festivals – for all of us – are as much about the past as it about the present. Our memories of experiencing them as kids and listening wide-eyed to the stories that make these festivals, and make them large. 
So, what better theme for the October edition of Connect the Dots - our monthly series on sustainability - than story telling. This month, we are creating a performance space for story telling - We bring a 1000 year old story telling art form to life with a kathputli performance. We have Geetha Ramanujam, Director of Kathalaya,an organisation which promotes storytelling, an excellent story teller herself, as the speaker for the evening. 
We envision this space as a platform for the writers of The Alternative to share their stories, experiences and their special projects. This month, we have Krupa Rajangam - an Architect specialised in Heritage Conservation and a Principal at Saythu - talking about her experiences chronicling the history of spaces in Bangalore. 
So, if you are someone who is passionate about storytelling or someone looking to discover and preserve the story of the city, country and culture that you belong to or a parent looking to introduce your kid to the joys of storytelling or just someone who loves to listen to good stories - we would love to have you there. 


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