Confused Desi Food Concert 2017

Confused Desi Food Concert 2017


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    Last Date: 14-10-2017

    INR 750
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    Last Date: 14-10-2017

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About The Event


DIVERGENT BRAT HOSPITALITY and LOCALTURNON (India's #1 Music Dance Connect Platform). We believe in Peace, Unity & Harmony!

Raftaar performing live!!!!!

Through Confused Desi, we want to tell people that our true nationality is mankind. It's about our life style and the choices we make. The way we react, understand and believe in is all confused. We are in the era where our thought process is restricted by pier pressure and the things we do are the ones which are actually imposed on us in a certain way.

Where Confused Desi is no cultural or any social festival and it includes a variety of dance performances, musical performances and a wide variety of food which we all love because these are the only ingredients which binds us together. We are trying to make people aware of the importance of our lives by showing them a variety of performances which will not be related to any particular religion or any culture and that defines unity because "Individually we are a drop but together, we are an ocean".

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