Confident Parenting - by psychologist Dr. Kakli Gupta

Confident Parenting - by psychologist Dr. Kakli Gupta


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About The Event

Workshop Goal: 

Learn about some of the key aspects of raising an emotionally healthy child, especially in the context of the manifold challenges our society faces today. Hear from Dr. Kakli Gupta, a clinical Psychologist from California, USA, specializing in working with children and adolescents, who feels strongly that parenting is not intuitive and every parent should go through some basic education in parenting, not only so they can be more confident and effective parents, but also so they feel supported in one of the most difficult yet important jobs in this world - parenting!


  • Key issues that parents deal with today. 
  • How to help help children build self esteem
  • How to provide a healthy environment while setting firm limits
  • How to take care of your own selves as parents so you can be of best support to your children
  • Some of the most common mistakes made by well-meaning parents. 


Intended For:

This would be an introductory workshop, and most suited for parents of children between the ages of 0-11 years. The format would be interactive, and questions and discussion would be encouraged. 

About Dr. Kakli Gupta: 

Dr. Kakli Gupta is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in working with Children and Adolescents. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California, USA. Dr. Gupta has been in private practice in India for the last 8 years, during which she has worked with many children, teenagers and parents helping them work through the inevitable challenges involved in parenting. In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Gupta has been actively involved in the training of psychologists and counselors in India through her teaching and supervisory work at VIMHANS, Delhi, Parivarthan Counseling & Research Center, Bangalore and Sampurna Montfort College, Bangalore. Dr. Gupta has a 2 year old daughter and has reduced her practice to half to be able to strike a balance between her role as a psychologist and as a mother. She is excited to do this workshop because as a clinician, she sees many children who can get damaged inadvertently by well meaning parents. Many times she is left wishing these parents had approached her earlier so some of the damages could have been prevented. 

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