Conference-Cum-Exposition On Renewable Energy - Fueling The Future - At Hotel Clarks Avadh

Conference-Cum-Exposition On Renewable Energy - Fueling The Future - At Hotel Clarks Avadh


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With mounting concerns over climate change, highly volatile fuel prices and increasing peak electricity deficits, India is increasingly looking towards renewable energy to fuel itself for the future. Governments have realized that only renewable energy is the saving grace and consequently ambitious targets are being set at the national as well as regional level.

Inadequate availability of power plays a spoil sport in the development of Uttar Pradesh, as in the case of any state. The demand supply gap has been widening year after year. The gravity of the situation is proved by the fact that the State’s annual per capita consumption of electricity is almost half of national average of electricity consumption per capita. To narrow the demand supply gap, the new and renewable sources of energy can prove to be of great help.

In this scenario, there is a pressing need to understand the perspectives of various stake holders about the adoption of renewable energy and clean technology. It is apparent that a collective effort is required from all these stake holders to achieve the sustainable switch.

The conference cum exposition “RENEWABLE ENERGY – Fueling the Future” is a solution focused event organized to catalyze these collective efforts. It will be a unique platform that will bring together the various stakeholders from the industry and government, policy makers, industry analysts, investors, academicians, NGOs and individuals to discuss the most critical issues that surround the renewable energy sector.

Conference Rationale :
India is on the verge of renewable energy revolution. Renewable energy has become the gold rush of this decade. Government policies and incentives are in full swing accelerating the growth and adoption of renewable energy. However, there are many critical challenges and uncertainties that is acting as bottlenecks to prevent the rapid growth of renewable energy industry. The conference will serve as a starting point to identify and address these bottlenecks.

Conference Sessions :
The conference will be organized in several series of sessions over a period of two days, each targeted to address different aspects of renewable energy.

The conference will have the following sessions

* Policy Development and Implementation
* Solar PV
* Solar Thermal
* Biomass Power and Waste to Energy
* Wind Energy

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