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We are pleased to inform you that the SpARC Wing- Pune Zone is organizing a one-day conference on \\\

Conference on Research Integration and Implementation for Sustainable Development


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We are pleased to inform you that the SpARC Wing- Pune Zone is organizing a one-day conference on "Research Integration and Implementation for Sustainable Development" on 2nd February, 2014 (Sunday) at Modern College Auditorium, Pune.

Holistic approach to research portraits research initiative in a complete picture rather than isolating parts. It views research as an integrated process that aligns with the goals of complete wellbeing of society and sustainable development of the country. Holistic research would address these fundamental issues at each step of the research process from selection of research topic to the methodology, the execution, presentation and application.


A magnificent and glorious India developing as a hub of quality talent and excellence in research on the foundation of spiritual values and collaborative approach.


  • To bring together researchers from various streams and other stake holders to foster innovative approaches for applying research work at the ground level in the area of Value Education, HRD, Agriculture Health, Science & Technology, Energy & Environment and other areas.
  • To inspire and explore collaborative research initiatives and opportunities and co-operation among various stake holders for mutual sustainable development.
  • Platform for Industry, Research Organisations and Institutes to collaborate, develop quality talent to meet the challenges of the present times.
  • To establish linkages and partnerships with academic institutions, Research Organizations industries and execution agencies etc. to exchange and share their know-how and expertise.
  • Understand Perspectives on fostering research excellence among enterprising youth in the country.
  • SpARC (Rajayoga Education & Research Foundation ) to play a key role in developing, participating and supporting research collaborations among various stake holders through a range of programs and schemes.


Prominent speakers from Leading Research Organizations, Government Officials, NGO's Educational institutions, Industry, State and Central Government officials and spiritual leaders from Brahma Kumaris have been invited to participate and share their knowledge, experience & vision at this conference.

The programme will be a blend of interactive dialogues, reflective panel discussions, meditation sessions and plenary sessions to cover different aspects of holistic approach in research.


  • Ph.D., Researchers from various Government, Semi. Govt., Private Sector Organisations NGOs, Educational Institutions and HRD experts
  • Medical Doctors (MD,MS or equivalent degree) and M.Phil
  • Close to 500 Research fellows and delegates from diverse fields are expected to attend the conference from organizations of high repute such as Dept. of Science & Technology, DRDO, CSRI, ICMR, ICAR,TERI and others



Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, PhD, DSc (HonorisCausa). Fellow IEEE, Fellow ACM.

Thinker and thought leader, researcher and innovator, scientist and philosopher, educator and educationist, author and articulator, policy architect and institution builder, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar is one of the internationally acknowledged scientist and IT leaders of India. He is best known as the architect of PARAM Supercomputers. He is truly an institutional builder and is credited with the creation of several national institutions such as C-DAC, ER&DC, Techno Park, IIITMK, I IT, ETH Research Lab and Multiversity. He has addressed the Royal Society of London, conventions of leading professional societies, convocations of over 12 Indian universities & institutes and delivered keynote addresses in many national and international conferences and seminars.

Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Ashaji, M.A. (Sociology) Gold medallist

National Coordinator of Administrators Service Wing of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation. Associate Editor of Brahma Kumaris International magazine "Purity". In 1973 she had dedicated her life to the Brahma Kumaris Organization for the noble cause of building a value based society. Great Spiritualist, Orator and efficient Administrator. Selected as an outstanding young person of the world for 1989 by Jaycees (Junior Chamber) International USA for her invaluable contribution towards Peace. She has coordinated various National & International Programs like International Year for the Culture of Peace, Million Minutes of Peace Appeal, Global Cooperation for a Better World •.• Director of Om Shanti Retreat Centre (ORC), Delhi.

Brahma Kumar Dr. Girish Patel, MBBs, Phd (Psy. Th), FRSH (London)

Noted Psychotherapist, writer and renowned management trainer. Fellow of Royal Society of health, London and Patron of the society for preservation of Medical Ethics. Organizing Secretary of the Medical Wing. Raja Yoga Education and Research Foundation and President of International Health Promotion Network. Given over 5000 lectures in many Universities, Prominent Industrial houses and Government organisations covering 40 countries. Regularly interviewed by many TV channels on issues related to mental fitness, depression, holistic health and personality development. Received International award for

excellence in Psychotherapy by International association of Education for world Peace, USA.

Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Ambikaji, B.Sc.

National Co-ordinater SpARC wing and Chief of the V V Puram Bangalore sub-zone of the Brahma Kumaris. Heads centers of the organization in Southern part of Karnataka state and parts of Andhra Pradesh. A senior Raja yoga teacher and dedicated her life since 40 years to the cause of spreading Godly message to the masses. Organized innumerable Rajayoga Exhibitions, conducted Rajayoga Meditation camps, given lectures to wide variety of audience. An inspiration in transforming the lives of many into leading a pious and peaceful life. Fast learner and implementer Studied and experienced the depths of Rajayoga meditation and spirituality gives the experience of "Inner Peace" in addition to conducting and leading mass meditation.


CONFERENCE SESSIONS: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm (Sunday, 2Feb.2014)

Inaugural Plenary session will broadly cover the following themes.
Session 1: Research Integration and Implementation for Sustainable Development

Tea Break
Session 2: Rethink your Mindset- Thinking Outside the 'Box': (Education & Research)


Spiritual Music and Creative Visual Meditation
Session 3: Leveraging Untapped Resources: (Research and Human Resource development)

Tea Break

Valedictory Session: 'Researching Within to Research Out'-Spirituality and Research.
A process of self-discovery & empowerment to help you redefine your role as a vehicle for positive change.

Toli (Prasad) and Blessings Card distribution


The Conference is organized by Spiritual Applications and Research Centre (SpARC) Wing, Pune Zone of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation (RERF} along with its parent organization, Brahma Kumaris. The organization believes that science and spirituality should join hands for the benefit of humanity and hence established SpARC in 1995. It operates as a research wing of the Brahma Kumaris conducting holistic research to develop effective tools and techniques that facilitate application of spirituality and easy experience of its practical benefits by all sections of society in diverse fields.

Each year SpARC has been conducting SIR (Spirituality In Research) conference since that year 2007. And the results have been remarkable. Scientists and researchers return back highly empowered and inspired for their future initiatives.

Prajapita Brahma Kumari lshwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is an international socio-spiritual organization working at all levels of society to promote spiritual growth and individual transformation. Headquartered in Mount Abu, Countless individuals have been empowered by the institution's courses, seminars, conferences and public programs held worldwide. All of its programs are offered free of charge in the spirit of social service. Brahma Kumari is affiliated to the UN as a NGO having consultative status with ECOSOC AND UNICEF serving the society for 75 years through 8500 centers in India and abroad in 137 countries with approx. 9 lakh members.

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