Conference On Healthcare Access

Conference On Healthcare Access


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India’s healthcare industry is poised to reach US$55 billion by 2020, offering a market with enormous potential. However, the country faces several healthcare challenges that need to be addressed first. Healthcare infrastructure is constrained by a lack of trained healthcare professionals, limited access to diagnostics and treatment and availability of quality medicines. The majority of the population pays out of pocket for healthcare. With only 20% of India’s 1.2 billion populations covered by health insurance and 35% living below the poverty line, access to affordable healthcare remains a key challenge for policy makers.
India’s regulatory and policy landscape is dominated by NGOs and media pressing the government for increasing access to medicines. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry is fragmented between domestic drug companies manufacturing low cost generics; Indian research based companies investing in research and development and multinational companies selling branded generics and innovative life saving drugs. The fragmented industry is represented by different bodies comprising of OPPI, IDMA and IPA. These bodies have divergent views on regulatory and policy issues and there is no level playing field governing how companies conduct their business in India.
The Healthcare Access Conference will attempt to bring together the fragmented industry to jointly address some of India’s healthcare challenges by piloting innovative new models to increase access to quality and affordable healthcare. The objective of the workshop is to identify and showcase best practices from the domestic industry as well as global companies operating in India. It will bring together success stories in diagnostics, drugs, hospitals, insurance and manpower development in the health sector.
* To talk about Innovative Models to Increase Access to Healthcare.
* Measuring the price and availability of medicine. Bridging the rural-urban divide.
* Amalgamation of best practices available globally; optimizing it with the Indian context on a sustainability platform.
* OUTREACH through friendly medical professionals, and equipping them with cutting edge medical aid to tackle an emergency and respond timely and effectively.
* Extending a comprehensive health insurance policy, which can serve the health needs of the people. A facility which takes care of the urgent medical needs, with a deeper implementation mandate.
* ASSOCHAM will be providing a conducive platform to foster healthy discussion on policy penetration and their implementation to reach the adequate optima.

Registration Fees:

Professionals/Corporates: Rs. 2,000/- per delegate; NGO’s & Student: Rs. 1,000/- per delegate.

For more than three delegates from the same organization, a discount of 15 % will be offered.

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