Conference on Cloud Computing - Opportunities & Challenges</br> (For Start ups, SMEs & Large Industries)

Conference on Cloud Computing - Opportunities & Challenges
(For Start ups, SMEs & Large Industries)


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About The Event

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are drawing attention in developed and developing countries as well as in transition countries. It is generally recognized that SMEs play a key role in the revitalization and development of national economy in many countries and particularly in the context of India.

Information technology has very real impact in most industries and in all aspects of economy, where businesses and enterprises continue to undergo considerable changes. Usages of technology are revolutionizing the rules of business, resulting in structural transformation of enterprises. Modern businesses cannot be successful without help of information technology, which is having a significant impact on the operations of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) and IT has become essential for the survival and growth of economies in general. 

Cloud computing is one such technology which helps immensely to SMEs and other marginal businesses. For better understanding, the Cloud computing is a way of computing, via the Internet, that broadly shares computer resources instead of using software or storage on a local computer. India and China are two major players in the cloud computing arena. Subscription based service model and cost effectiveness are two important factors that drive more and more SME’s to enter and utilize cloud-based applications.

SMEs have been largely unable to take advantage of traditional technology solutions due to the high upfront costs of sourcing and deploying the same. Consequently, they are known to face issues in the management of their supply chains, financials, inventories, customer relationships, and human resources. The Cloud reduces the cost burden of using IT for SMEs, especially because Cloud services provide access on a usage based pricing model. Other benefits like scalability, flexibility, and On-Demand service are highly attractive proposition to this user group. Thus the adoption of the Cloud, amongst the SMEs could be the highest in comparison to the rest of the business community.

While SMEs are enthusiastic about cloud computing, they also have concerns. While some of these concerns would also be shared by larger companies, SMEs face greater difficulties in addressing them. Barriers to adoption of cloud computing by business include the cost of migration to a cloud model, fear of lock-in to one cloud service provider, data security and the lack of large-scale data centers, but firms will also face challenges as they adopt the technology.

The above scenario forces shift for better business prospects with the optimum utilization of advanced technologies like cloud computing. In order to benefit not only the SMEs sector and but also other major industries, FICCI AP State Council is proposing to organize a “Conference on Cloud Computing -Opportunities & Challenges” on July 31st at Hotel Golkonda, Hyderabad.

This event will provide a great opportunity to network and learn more about the technology by key industry people.

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