Tax Planning for Corporate Finance: S and C Corporation

Tax Planning for Corporate Finance: S and C Corporation


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About The Event

Tax Planning for Corporate Finance: S and C Corporation

This training program will illustrate how consistent annual tax planning can help corporations avoid pitfalls and penalties. It will also offer best practices for developing and ensuring tax compliance. Corporate tax obligations can get very complex as there are new regulations constantly coming into play. Corporations need to be aware of these federal and state tax laws and regulations. Adequate corporate tax planning can help develop and maintain tax compliance.

Why Should You Attend:

Corporations need to make sure they are effectively managing tax obligations. It’s also a must to ensure you have knowledgeable people in place internally and externally. Corporations doing business in other countries have an added level of complexity due to tax regulations regarding foreign income. Performing due diligence in an appropriate way to reduce tax obligations. Awareness of the distinction between tax regulations for S corporations and C corporations is also a must, along with ensuring that your tax returns are prepared correctly to prevent hefty tax penalties.

There are many things to consider when conduction annual tax planning. If done correctly, ethically, and consistently, it can prevent and relieve heavy financial burdens on corporations. This webinar will highlight tax issues for interest and dividends received by a corporation vs. interest and dividends paid by a corporation. It will also discuss tax rules for corporations owning more than 80% of another corporation’s stocks.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Understand the differences between S corporations and C corporations
  • Learn tax issues for interest and dividends received by a corporation vs. interest and dividends paid by a corporation
  • Learn tax issues related to corporate capital gains and losses
  • Learn tax rules for corporations owning more than 80% of another corporation’s stocks
  • Understand requirements for indirect tax data compliance and tax return reporting to the government
  • Understand the differences between federal and state tax regulations for corporations
  • Learn how to avoid abusive tax shelters
  • Understand the employment and income tax compliance requirements for executive compensation

Who Will Benefit:

  • Corporate executives and management
  • Corporate board members
  • Corporate payroll personnel
  • Accountants and CPAs
  • Medium and large companies
  • Compliance personnel
  • Corporate attorneys

Instructor Profile:

Financial and business compliance coach, JeFreda Brown, helps maximize the business potential of small and medium sized businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, colleges, organizations, agencies, and self-employed individuals.

As CEO of Goshen Business Group, LLC (formerly Brown Accounting Solutions, LLC), Ms. Brown can provide a unique suite of specialized services that are customized for an organization’s particular needs. Some of her areas of expertise include tax planning, budget preparation, DCAA audit consulting, government contract accounting system and internal controls compliance consulting, pricing proposal development, financial management, payroll compliance, business development/management consulting, professional development training, train the trainer services, business planning, grant writing, 501(c)(3) preparation, and more.

With over 16 years of business experience in areas such as accounting, finance, real estate, taxes, federal auditing (DoD), low income housing tax credits, project and compliance management, contract administration, human resources, and teaching, Ms. Brown is one of America’s premiere financial and business compliance coaches. She earned her BS degree in math from Mississippi State University with a minor in Spanish. She also has an MBA in finance from Mississippi College.

Ms. Brown has been featured in numerous print and online articles for various industry websites, blogs, and magazines including US News, YFS Magazine, DailyWorth, and Intuit Small Business Blog. She has also been interviewed on Bloomberg Radio and The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show. She is the author of the eBook, 12 Reasons You Need an Accountant for Your Small Business available on Amazon. Ms. Brown is also featured in the forthcoming book, How To be #HLIC Head Lady in Charge as well as the Head Ladies in Charge movie. She is also an adjunct professor in the accounting and finance department of the Collat Business School at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.


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