Competency Mapping -Targeting Talent Development for Organization Building - Hyderabad

Competency Mapping -Targeting Talent Development for Organization Building - Hyderabad


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About The Event

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the program participants will be able to:

1.Explain what competencies are differentiate competency Vis comptence.
2.Demonstrate appreciation for competency based HR initiatives
3.Develop skills to map competencies for implementation of the same in their own
job situations

Organization through their trained personnel will be able to facilitate implementation of HR initiatives effectively. The program will focus on creating awareness to the importance of identifying key competencies required for a specified job. It will enable the participants to make selection decision, evaluation processes and people development based on concrete information and reason, rather than basing it on subjective gut feel or past practices.

The program would be entirely based on interactive adult learning processes.
Simulation and experiential learning be supplemented by concept building lectures.
Reading materials and tools shall also be used to facilitate learning.

Program Structure:

Session 1 and II:
1.Introduction and agenda building
All managers over a period pick up some ideas about what human qualities contribute to role efficacy of an individual holding a particular position. This session would clarify and give deeper insight into the details of integrating organization position holders and critical success factors contributing to effectiveness in the work world. The session would also arrive at an agenda, for the next session, to address and bring out certain live issues simmering in the minds of participants, to work during the program in other words an online customization.

1. What is a competency
2.What is competency mapping and why the need at all
3.Is it generic or unique/peculiar to each organization
4.What are the processes that facilitate and provide clarity

Session II and III:
The participants will acquire conceptual understanding about the competency focus, as an emerging job need. The processes used to map competency for an organization.

Objectives of competency mapping Alternate techniques used Process and Structure of competency mapping initiative.

Mapping tools
1. Behavioral Event Interviewing,
3.Thematic Analysis
4.Dictionary development
5.Implementation journey and milestones

Session IV:
This session will build the requisite skills for the conduct of Behavioural Event Interviews through experiential learning process. The participants will get to experiment the process with tools and guidance so as to familiarize themselves with the techniques and translate the same to their work place. The dominant process will be role plays in small groups + recording the same through audio recorders. Review analysis.

Session V:
The deliverable and translation of the learning for tomorrows work situation use. Tips and tools to face familiar / likely issues in work situations. Clarification of doubts and queries.

1.Empirical findings and knowledge sharing of the competency based interventions
2.Feedback and analysis
3.Certain frequently asked questions by the participants
4.Certain frequently asked questions by the business role holders.

Your Investment: 
Rs 19500/-  for each Non - Residential  Participant (  Plus  service tax  @10.3% ) 
Rs 24,000/- for each Residential  Participant ( Plus service tax @10.3%) 
Every company sponsoring more than 3  Participants would  be given a discount .

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