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    A workshop about being you. Come alive to the mysterious unfolding of your being.

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About The Event

We all have mind boggling worries and wells of magical wisdom.... all lined up inside us. What we create in our lives is our doing and also there is plenty to undo.

We each have seven main energy centers that govern our beliefs and behavior. We are beings of immense possibility and plenty of plans that are dying slowly. Why not bring them out to play? Why not allow yourself some much needed sunlight and air? Why not fire up and flow with life? Why not be that person that you know you are?

Why not stop the blame shame game and start living?

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This workshop is about digging into the issues we store in our energy centers. Lets find the miracles in the mess. There are seven centers each of which nurture 3 core areas of your life. Chances are that you are ready for 21 amazing breakthroughs. A lot of things in your life are willing to change for good. How did it get this way for us? We have collected a lot of baggage over the years. We hold grudges, harbour resentment, develop false beliefs and pile up pointless problems within each of these etheric spaces within us. This causes energetic blocks and energy drains and leads us to lose out on our innate potential. Life then gets tiring and challenging. Those of us who have had enough can begin again, here and now. Its good fun to let go and feel lighter. When we clear out clutter and make space, we allow. We allow positive free flow of energy. We allow possibilities. We get in touch with our power. We feel at peace.


This is an invitation for you to register for 12 sessions paced over 6 weeks. The workshop is designed for only just 12 people per batch. If this is calling you then act now. Be willing to dive deep into you to discover hidden treasures. Burst open with joy. Bring the best of you into your life. It is time to COME ALIVE.

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Your COME ALIVE life coach in this workshop series will be Nausheen Ahmed. She is most certainly a living and complex reality. She describes herself at best as unpredictable. Someone who has been deeply interested in human development and behavior, she loves to toy with the mysteries of life. She has found herself as a cocreative force of a new age method of real world education. You are most Welcome to Vision Rainbow . Our collective prayer that children have all their rights met and bring forth a better human reality as they grow and gain in stature.

This workshop is a derivative of our ongoing research. It is a rich culmination of study and experience. It will awaken facets of you that you may not have known existed. It has the potential to help you feel, deal and heal many of your long pending emotional fears and failures. Your lifecoach is a natural at helping you see more deeply simply by willing to do so herself. Your journey during this workshop is destined to be an adventure of sorts. We cant wait to get the going. Join in for the sake of your heart that would like to feel more glee and glory than you have allowed it to. Connect with us on 9246805664

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