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COME 13.


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About The Event

JEEYA SETHI : Jeeya believes if you are fat once(by fat she means FAAAAT) you are fat forever, mentally you never become thin even after losing all the weight. An event manager turned stand-up comedian, improviser and actor. she has made entertainment her new life's mission since nothing else is going for her!
Shaurya Tyagi : Shaurya Tyagi is a stage actor and a freelance writer. Like the majority of the unambitious Indian population he too has an MBA degree, which may not promise him a job but would definitely get him a good marriage proposal.
Sonali Thakker : Part-time stock-broker, full-time Gujju and weekend comedienne, Sonali Thakker is the biggest threat to the dumb blonde theory. Covering socially relevant topics such as travelling, shopping and chaprigiri, Sonali's stand-up is powerful, always funny and sometimes scary. And it has taken her to the biggest of stages including Canvas Laugh Club and NCPA. 
The other big love of her life is travelling as it gives her great material and is the only way she can escape from people cracking Gujju jokes. Surprisingly, stand-up has not increased her popularity on but that is okay because Sonali has been kicking ass even before women's empowerment was a thing.
Ratatouille Presents COME #13 an open mic evening where new comics come and try their hand at comedy and where old comics try new bits. Come be part of some ones first time!

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