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About The Event

The event now is being taken and done By Head Start Organization. We will update the details soon. The event is posponed to nov 16th.


In last 7 months after organizing 16 events till date in Startup Talks, we have seen a lot of potential people who got stuck making their Idea to Reality because they dint find potential Cofounders. to address this we have come up with this Cofounder Search Event.

You can be a programmer, marketing guy, designer or from any back ground, if you have a potential idea and looking for Cofounders to make your Idea come real or you want to join some ones Idea/Company as Cofounder, then this is the right platform for you.

Finding a Cofounder – The Problem
•Difficulty in finding like-minded people
•No platform to meet a potential cofounder
•Most start-up events see participation from individuals who already have a team in place and are working on their product.
What Is Cofounder Search?

Cofounder Search is a platform for people who want to find an Ideal Cofounder for their start-up or for people who are looking to join a start-up

Why Cofounder Search?
•Since its difficult to scout for ideal cofounders/start-ups at the generic start-up event, Cofounder Search can act as a platform where individuals can find what they’re looking for i.e. the ideal co-founder or the ideal start-up
•Cofounder Search shall be carried out along the lines of Speed Dating where each person interacts for 3 minutes with the other and everyone personally meets a minimum of 25-30 potential people.
Who Should Come to the Event?
If you are a Founder and looking for a Ideal Cofounder who would fit your Startup or if you are extremely good at your domain skill and looking to join as cofounder to a Startup then this is the right place to come.
Registrations:                   2pm-2.30pm
Keynote & Guide Lines:      2.30pm-2.45pm
Introductions:                   2.45pm-3.15pm
Speed Dating:                   3.15pm-5.30pm
Networking over High Tea:  5.20pm-6.00pm

Please fill the form if you are coming for the event: 

Cofounder Search Event Flow
Note: The Venue And Exact Timings will be Announced Soon( The Event format is spread for 4 Hours)

Terms & Conditions

1)We will have a screening procedure for all the participants in the backend and we will make sure all people who attend are authentic for the event.

2)Any cancellation should be intemated 1 week prior to the event.

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