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Avitera Leaders and CLI, Canada present


A 2 Day Training Program  \\\

Coaching Skills for Managers - 2 Day workshop (Bangalore)


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About The Event


Avitera Leaders and CLI, Canada present


A 2 Day Training Program  "Coaching Skills for Managers

20th -21st December in Bangalore & 10th-11th January in Delhi


  Manager as Power Coach  

Increase Productivity ? Improve Performance & Team Managment ? Raise Satisfaction Levels ? Increase Involvement & Engagement ? Reduce Attrition ? Resolve Conflicts ? Make Better Decisions ? Think Faster ..... and so on

Coaching, today, is seen as one of the most effective way to increase one’s performance in any area of life.

The Times of India reports “Everyone from CEOs to Bollywood celebs is turning to coaches.  Part Oprah, part consultant and part professional hand-holder, these new-age gurus are helping people navigate transitions in their lives and careers.”


These are Exciting Times! Businesses across the globe are achieving improved results by hiring External Coaches or/and imarting coaching skills to Managers, Executives and Leaders.


The “Manager as Power Coach®” program empowers the participants with coaching skills to coach their teams and others. It explains what is coaching, where and how it works and how it can be used to improve the performance, achieve targets and/or overcome challenges.


For the un-initiated, this program can be the best first step towards acquiring Coaching skills for coaching self and/or others.



Professionals, Leaders, Managers etc learn how to coach self and their teams leading to harmony and growth. The results from their efforts lead to improvement in productivity, profitability and the quality of life as they make a shift from being just a Mentor to being both -a Coach as well as a Mentor.
Major improvement in one’s  interpersonal interactions leading to improvement in areas like sales, relations etc as one starts making regular use of coaching questions on daily basis.

As a trained coach, one can coach others, helping them get clarity, remove blocks, find innovative solutions and hence facilitate growth.

Some common benefits of regularly coaching self/others using the learnings from this workshop:
- Build the confidence in your vision for your life, performance at work
- Improve relationships at work and at home
- Make better decisions
- Think faster
- Develop innovative solutions, even to the same old problems
- Change limiting beliefs
- Increase positive thinking
- Increase focus on what matters
- Peacefully resolve even complex situations
- Increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
- Increase Enthusiasm for all parts of your life


Simply put, this workshop is meant for those who want to learn how to increase the results of their efforts.
This workshop is of immense use for people in following categories :

  • Leaders, Managers, HODs, Entrepreneurs etc –people who lead teams and businesses.
  • HR/ Training Professionals – people who are responsible for development of others.
  • Managers and employees seeking specific coaching tools with which to coach their employees
    and/or peers.
  • Consultants/Individuals/ Helping Professionals etc- who want to understand coaching as an option for offering it as a service to their clients.
  • All individuals who wish to learn some self-coaching techniques for greater personal success:
    Sales professionals, employees at all levels, parents and so on.



  • ·   Manager as Power Coach® Manual.  All levels receive a Power Coaching®Manual complete with models and theory and the methodologies applicable to their chosen level of training.
  •    Value Cards : Set of 75 Human Values to use in coaching process. The same can be used at number of other occasions and purposes.
  •    A highly interactive training program with an abundance of demonstrations, role playing, practice coaching, mentor coaching etc.
  •     Mastery of a Powerful PCMK Coaching methodology to help you coach yourself as well as others.
  •     Manager as Power Coach®participation certificate from Coaching and Leadership International, Canada.
  •     Your commitment to be your own best client first.  Power Coaching®tools will assist you in removing your own roadblocks to achieving the success you deserve.
  •    Training and understanding of the ICF and IIC Core Competencies and Ethical Guidelines.  The modules in this course are part of CLI’s Certified Power Coach Program which is accredited/approved by both the IIC and the ICF governing bodies.

-A Structured way of coaching, helping you apply a coaching style in your daily work
-How to Ask Powerful, Probing and Response Eliciting questions
-What makes coaching a result-delivering engagement
-How to remove clutter and get clarity and focus in all areas of your life. Then, help others with similar results.
-How to be a Bilateral Thinker and help others access their whole brain.
-An Understanding of the subconscious mind.





The program will be conducted by CLI authorised Trainers and CPC level trained Coaches. With more than 20+ years of overall experience and years of Coaching and Mentoring spend, they bring their learnings to help you learn and use coaching skills in your day to day life.  



Manager as Power Coach is one of the 10s of 2-day programs from Coaching and Leadership International, Canada.  CLI Canada are the world leaders in the coach training arena with training programs going upto 300hrs of Supervised Coach Training. Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics (PCMK) is the science of putting the whole brain into motion. PCMK methodologies help people come up with powerful solutions leading to permanent changes. CLI has developed more than 80 full coaching methodologies.


This level is meant to provide you an introduction to the concept of coaching and Models and Theory of the work as well as learn and practice PCMK Laser Tools and Logic Coaching Plus which you can use to self coach or to coach others. The program is very interactive with number of coaching sessions  for the participants.


Using these tools, Participants will experience strengthening of their self-confidence and will be able to use these tools daily for the rest of their lives to coach self and others.





Dates :
20th - 21st December, 2013- Bangalore
10th-11th January, 2013- Delhi


 Mail us at or Call us at : 09654681922, 09811131535


People from following Organisationshave attended CLI’s various coach training modules :


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» CAE India

» India Telecom Infra

» Unicef

» Tech Mahindra

» Berry Wehmiller



» Hero Mindmine

» IDBI Federal

» Taj Hotels



» Sanofi

» Cura Healthcare

» Sona Group


» Mahindra Holidays

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» American Express

» Bell Canada

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» 3M Canada

» Nestle Canada.



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