Book Online Tickets for COACHING AND TRAINING BUSINESS JUMPSTART, Bengaluru. Coaching & Training business (CTB) is a comprehensive program that helps you set up your coaching and training business from scratch. In this program, we will teach you profitable ways to monetise your coaching and training business. The ent



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About The Event

Coaching & Training business (CTB) is a comprehensive program that helps you set up your coaching and training business from scratch. In this program, we will teach you profitable ways to monetise your coaching and training business. The entire program is divided into 4 MODULES that take every coach and trainer through a complete journey to launch their coaching & training business.  




Art of Coaching



  Science of Coaching    



How to SELL?



Marketing YOU


Join us for a free introductory practical masterclass with Baldeep Kaur where you will learn in an engaging setting.


Free Masterclass includes:

Step 1- Where are you now in your coaching & training business and where do you want to be?
Explore your journey in coaching through Positive Psychology based assessments. 
Questions to ask yourself:


  • What are my most sacred values and how does my coaching business align with these? Any misalignment


  • What does my coaching business currently give me? Whats missing?


  • What does my dream life look, sound, and feel like and how does my coaching business help me manifest this?
  • What impact do I want to leave in this world through my coaching & training business? 


Step 2- What is stopping you from launching your legacy powerfully as a coach or a trainer?
Learn your top 3 reasons that are stopping you from launching your legacy as a transformation agent and how to overcome those to really start your journey.
Questions to ask yourself:


  • What are the mental roadblocks that are stopping me from embarking on a new professional journey?
  • What is the opportunity cost that I am paying for not taking any action?
  • How will my life change once I take the necessary action towards embracing my new life?
  • Why am I afraid to charge the money I think I deserve for my coaching & training services?


Step 3- How can you monetise coaching? 
Get your 5 step coaching& training business jump-start blueprint to know how to effectively monetize your coaching and training business
Questions to ask yourself:


  • Can I create a stable income out of my coaching & training business? Can I make it grow substantially well to achieve financial abundance?
  • What are the first five steps I need to take to jump-start my business?
  • What are the different methods to monetise my coaching and training business?


Who will conduct the master class?


Baldeep Kaur is a professional Life Coach and a corporate trainer. She is a certified psychologist, a positive psychology coach, and a Reiki healer. She has been deeply impressed and inspired by works of eminent psychologist like Martin Seligman, Tal Ben-Shahar in the field of positive psychology. Knowledge of human behavioral psychology and positive psychology techniques gathered over course of a decade helped her to transform her life.




Baldeep Kaur; Founder - Inspiring Evolution & PathFinder

Baldeeps transformative journey convinced her that she must take the knowledge she has accumulated to a wider audience through transformational life programs. This very decision led her to exit her marketing career and founding two companies: Inspiring Evolution & PathFinder where revolutionary life programs are taught to people all over the globe. All the programs have two things in common the ability to create a long-lasting change and setting people on the path of true happiness.

Baldeep believes life is the sum of 12 different life categories and to achieve true happiness we must work on all 12 life categories. She is extremely passionate and committed to assisting people on their transformative journey and helping them overcome obstacles in all life categories. She believes in What we focus on in life expands, therefore her efforts are focussed on helping people carve out a life vision which is truly theirs and not corrupted by false belief systems which limit human potential. 

Baldeep is an accomplished Life Coach, certified psychologist and has been doing personal coaching for many years. It is her mission in life to empower as many people as possible to improve the quality of their lives and introduce them to the limitless potential of the human mind through the transformation programs/workshops she conducts. She has coached hundreds globally and assisted thousands of people in making breakthroughs in their personal lives. She is greatly inspired by the works of Martin Seligman, Eckhart Tolle, Tal Ben Shahar, Neale Donald Walsch and Rhonda Byrne.


Who should attend?
Any go-getter who has decided to turn his/her coaching and training passion into something productive this year. Anyone who has decided to translate their business vision for 2018 into reality.  

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
Plenty of free parking/valet parking. Trinity Metro station is half a kilometer away from the venue.

What can I bring to the event?
All supplies will be provided. There will be a workbook to take you through the workshop in a constructive manner

Will it be mandatory to join the Coaching and training business program after I attend the free workshop?
No, but at the end of the free workshop you'll receive many exciting reasons to finish this coaching jumpstart business the right way


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