A COACH THE COACH helps project teams correctly use Scrum, increasing the possibility of the projects overall success

Coach The Coach; Sep 28-30 2015


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About The Event

Coach - The - Coach Workshop


Is Coaching only about being a Guru or more? An agile coach is not only a guru but a beacon of change, an instigator, a disruptor. Effective coaching requires patience, perseverance and a few tricks of the art. While the first two or behavior virtues, the art can be learnt. 




Module 1: The Basics of Agile Coaching

-  The role of a coach

-  The need of a coach

-  Understanding the coach’s mindset


Module 2: Effective Coaching techniques

-  Transactional vs Transformation coaching

-  Transformation coaching stages


Module 3: How to reflect the business value of coaching

-  Is business value required In a coaching role

-  Quantitative and qualitative business value

-  The coaching matrices


 Module 4: Personality styles

-  How personality can affect coaching outcomes

-  Coaching the un-coachable – what to do in difficult situations

-  5 levels of Leadership

-  How to earn credibility as a coach  (earning the right)

-  How do you get started in new coaching relationships

-  The Coaches Toolbox – knowing what tool to use and where to get resources

-  G.R.O.W Technique

  • Goal: What are you trying to achieve?
  • Reality: What have you already tried, and what worked and what didn’t?
  • Options: What could you do?
  • Way Forward: What will you do next?

-  Managing managers – this seems to be a big concern so we may want to address it even if we can’t really solve their problem


Module 5: Techniques for OCM and Team building

-  Team building strategies

-  Understanding the team mindset

-  The ADKAR model

-  The scope and outreach of a coaching program

-  The Fish Philosophy


Module 6: Facilitation and Leadership

-  Leadership traits in coaching

-  Facilitation and brainstorming techniques


Module 7: Innovation games

-  De bono thinking techniques


Module 8: Coaching Rendezvous (Peer coaching)


Module 9: Live coaching examples, situations and case studies



The Speaker : Madhur Kathuria



As one of the only 16 experts on this planet with the dual certification of CSC (Certified Scrum Coach) & CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) from Scrum Alliance and also the only one in India with these credentials, Madhur has been training and coaching Scrum Teams across India, Europe and USA for past 11 years. Starting his career as a technologist, Madhur traversed various roles in his industry journey including that of Programmers, Test engineer, Business analyst, Scrum Master, Process Consultant, CMMi appraiser and Consulting lead.


Madhur is also an OD and Behavior coach focusing on helping individuals and organizations realize their full potential through focused training programs, Executive and leadership training and coaching and one to one mentorship and counseling both at personal and professional level.


Having worked with 150+ teams across 60 organizations and trained and coached close to 12000 associates, Madhur brings these experiences as part of his training and coaching regimen to ensure that the learning is not just theory based, but has a pragmatic insight into the real world. His agile coaching assignments have been not only with the IT industry big wigs but also in hitherto unknown areas of Event Management, Service Management (BPOs) and Education


In 2012, Madhur created the “Battlefield Agility” framework, a rapid, incremental development technique focused on bringing benefits of agile philosophy and defense forces discipline to the field of software delivery. This framework is now being adopted across multiple customers in India in the areas of Product Development and IT Services.


Specialties: Executive Management , Business Unit Head, Business Unit Start-up and Growth, Consulting Management, Consulting Solution Design, Agile Consulting, Scrum Coach, Agile Coach, Scrum Trainer, Business Strategy and Management Consultant, Speaker, Organizational Change Management Consultant,  Agile Trainer,  Soft skills training, Leadership Training, HR Policies and Strategy Alignment.

The Speaker : Rena Striegel


Rena Striegel is an internationally recognized business coach and consultant with more than 15 years of experience working directly with senior executives and entrepreneurs to identify and implement strategies that create growth and profitability.  In 2008, she founded Empowered Business Strategies, a full service business coaching and consulting firm.  In her role as coach, strategist and facilitator, she leads client projects in the areas of Executive and corporate coaching, strategic planning, business planning, developing hiring strategies, and employee/leadership development.

Rena has a passion for helping people make more money and have more fun!  Her talent lies in helping business owners and executives make connections between concepts and application in order to help them achieve the level of operational excellence that allows resources to be focused on growth rather than on fixing problems.

Her direct and honest bottom line approach has helped the leaders and management teams of international organizations like Business Network International (BNI), Xerox, Project Management Institute, Northwestern Mutual, United Way, Magna Corporation and many others improve their overall performance through clear executable strategies and higher employee contribution.

Rena co-authored the bestselling book, Building the Ultimate Network, in 2011.  Her practical and often humorous  approach to leadership makes her a sought after keynote speaker at conferences focused on innovation and building peak performance organizations.   

Rena is a certified business coach and holds an MBA from the University of Iowa. 

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